WORLD SERIES | Don't Be Sad It's Over... Be Glad It Happened

11/02/2017 11:52 AM

It’s only been hours, but I already miss baseball season.

The last couple weeks have been a treat for us baseball fans.

Sure… Game 7 was probably the least entertaining game of the entire World Series, but that’s okay. That’s not what the casual baseball fan will remember.

There was so much drama, so much emotion and so much “impossibleness,” if that’s even a word. It’s crazy to think about how good Game 2 and Game 5 were in this year’s World Series.

Heading into this year’s Series, I kept telling all my friends, there was NO WAY that any game could ever match the drama of last year’s Game 7 between the Cubs and Indians. I mean, think about it: The early HR last year, the comeback by the Indians, the rain delay and the history. It had everything that a Hollywood movie would ever need.

Well, MULTIPLE World Series games had that this year, outside of the rain delay of course. There was so much craziness that MLB will likely need a brand new history book just to correct every record that was broken during these seven games.

Let’s start with Game 1, a game that lasted only two hours and 28 minutes. That in itself is remarkable. The pitching was amazing. It was fun to watch.

Game 2 of course will always be remembered. First of all, there was the Astros’ comeback in the eighth and ninth innings. Then, there was the back-and-forth in the 10th and 11th innings. Just when you thought the Astros had it locked up, the Dodgers responded. It was an incredible display of “it’s not over until it’s over.”

Game 3 was solid as well.

Then, there was Game 4, when the Dodgers had one of the best 9th inning performances that franchise has ever had in a World Series. Five runs in the ninth? Seriously?

That gets us to Game 5. I don’t even know where to start. I remember receiving a text from some of my friends once Houston took a three-run lead late. The texts all had a similar theme, “The Dodgers will force extras… Guaranteed.” And you know what? I think we all felt comfortable saying that. Then, it happened. The Dodgers put up three in the ninth and forced extras, before Houston had its walk-off in the tenth inning. It was arguably the most entertaining World Series game in my lifetime.

Game 6 was all about handling the pressure. If you are a Dodgers’ fan, I don’t envy what you had to go through watching that game. I’m sure there were parts of the game early in which you thought to yourself, “It’s going to end tonight.” But that’s when the Los Angeles bats came alive, even if just for a bit, and scored three runs in the middle of the game. Even Astros’ fans had to realize, it was only right for this series to go to seven games.

Finally, that got us to last night, when Houston won it all.

I must admit, I was rooting for Houston. I spent four of the last five years of my life living in Beaumont, Tx., just east of Houston. What that area had to go through with Harvey is still horrifying. I personally know so many people that lost homes (or at least part of them). I’m sure so many fans are still dealing with the effects of the storm. That, to me, also made this World Series so special.

There is no other city that deserved a World Series as much as Houston this year.

Some out there talk about how “boring” baseball is. Well, if you actually watched the World Series this year, there is NO WAY you can agree with that statement.

Andrew Chernoff

Andrew is a sports anchor and sports managing editor for Spectrum News. He covers sports all across the state of Kentucky for Sports Night, which airs weeknights at 6:30 and 10:30 on Spectrum News. Andrew was a sports anchor and reporter at KFDM/KBTV in Beaumont, Texas for four years before making the move back home to the Midwest. He is originally from Carmel, Indiana and majored in broadcast journalism and political science at Syracuse University.

When he’s not on the air or in the field covering sports, you can likely find Andrew playing golf, watching IndyCar and Formula 1 races, or exploring the state of Kentucky. His favorite sport is open-wheel racing. In fact, he has not missed an Indianapolis 500 since the early 2000s.

Whether he is working sporting events or not, he always loves talking sports. He is a prolific tweeter, so if you want to stay “in the know” about sports in the Bluegrass, follow Andrew on Twitter @ADChernoff. If you have a story idea for our sports team, send it to Andrew at


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