WKU BASKETBALL | Redshirt Seniors Developed Special Bond On And Off The Court

02/27/2017 07:30 PM

“When I first got this job we were pretty low as a program and I remember the first time talking to Micah [Jones] on the phone and she didn’t know me because Coach [Mary Taylor] Cowles and them had signed her, and then getting Kendall [Noble] here and you know, just watching what they’ve done and how they’ve elevated this program when you say- they’ve been involved in 124 wins. That’s a lot of wins,” Coach Michelle Clark-Heard told the media after WKU’s 79-73 win over Old Dominion.

WKU seniors Kendall Noble and Micah Jones have seen it all in their time on the hill.

“We’ve grown so much. Before we got here I think we were 9 and 21 or something like that and then, you know, we had a 20-win season Coach Heard’s first season here and we just, you know, I think kept growing every year and you know, we kept improving,” Noble explained.

Jones agreed.

“It has been a roller coaster ride, up and downs, but- you know, a lot of confidence, no confidence kind of but the players and teammates and everyone I’ve met here- coaches, they’ve all helped out and the atmosphere is always great here. It’s been- everything has been worth it.”

Noble and Jones were part of Heard’s first class at WKU. Both fifth year seniors have battled their share of injuries and the adversity that comes with changing the culture of a program. Through it all, they relied on each other.

“She’s everything, really. You know, she’s been my best friend since day one and you know, we’ve just grown together and she’s just always there for everything and it’s always easy to go to her for anything I need and that transfers on the court and we have great chemistry out there too,” Jones said of teammate/roommate/best friend Noble.

While Saturday was their senior day, along with Ima Akpan, their careers as Lady Toppers aren’t over just yet.

“You know, we’re playing our best basketball right now and really confident in how we’ve been playing and we have great coaches that always have a game plan for us,” Jones told Spectrum News. “So if we put that together and play like we’re capable of I think we’ll make a run.”

They’re confident they’re leaving the program in good hands.

“They’re great. You know, people are going to step up and everybody is going to fill the positions and do their roles and they’er going to continue to win,” Noble said of her younger teammates.

Heard said that without those two, the Lady Toppers wouldn’t be where they are today.

“I’m just humbled and honored as a coach to have an opportunity to be able to coach young ladies like that.”

Next stop for the Lady Tops is at North Texas on Thursday. They play at 7:00 p.m.

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