Wife of Kyle Kuric shares details of condition on Facebook

11/11/2015 12:50 PM

On Wednesday afternoon, Taraneh Kuric, wife of former basketball player Kyle Kuric, updated Facebook friends on Kuric’s condition both before and after brain surgery to remove a tumor. She said she appreciates the love and support the family has received and felt obligated to do so.

Kuric said Kyle started having severe headaches “out of nowhere” on October 31. Despite practicing with his team later that night, she said he became very dizzy and had to sit out for the team’s next game.

Anyone who knows Kyle knows that it’s really unusual for him to miss practice much less miss a game. He never complains.

A CT scan just a few days later confirmed a tumor and severe swelling in his brain and surgery was scheduled just two days later.

Thursday was what I thought was going to be the hardest day of my life. Everyone was scared, everyone but Kyle. He put on such a brave face not showing a bit of fear.

Kuric says Kyle’s surgery went well without complications but a second surgery was scheduled to check the pressure on Kyle’s brain.

We waited praying everything was ok but then he came and told us the pressure was lethally high and that his pupils were fully dilated and non responsive. Everything else was a blur. All I remember was screaming and crying as his family mourned with me holding onto each other. I though I lost my best friend and soul mate. I thought my babies were about to grow up without ever having any memory of their father. I wanted to die. Anyone who knows me knows how attached I am to Kyle and how even to this day when he leaves town for away games I cry saying bye to him. I always feared I’d lose him in some kind of freak plane crash or something as much as the team travels, but not to something like this. I couldn’t understand why God was doing this to me and what I thought was my perfect little family.

Kuric says Kyle was placed in a medically-induced coma following the second surgery to decompress the pressure on his brain.

I spent those two days reading our last text messages and I watched every video and photos I had on my phone praying and praying for him to get better.

Kuric says Kyle’s surgeon began to slowly wake Kyle up on Tuesday and also delivered the news that the tumor removed from Kyle’s brain was benign.

…he was sitting up with eyes wide open and gave us the biggest smile! I can’t begin to explain the adrenaline rush I got and how ecstatic we are! The road to recovery is still going to be very long and I know there will be some bumps ahead but I don’t even care because my baby is alive and I finally saw him smile and look at me for the first time in what seems to be forever!

Kuric asks for continued prayers as Kyle prepares for a long road to recovery.


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