UofL VOLLEYBALL | ULVB's Unique Connection to Assumption High School

10/26/2016 07:15 PM

UofL, UK and WKU volleyball all have one thing in common: at least one player from Assumption High School on their roster.

“I grew up just around him and even before I was old enough to play like on a structured team, I would play and come to his practices and things like that,” said head UofL volleyball coach, Anne Kordes. “He was coaching me from about the time I was 8, but he coached me a little in grade school and then he coached me in clubs, so about 14-years-old a few times and then coached me all throughout high school.”

Kordes said she had the best volleyball coach growing up, her father, Ron Kordes.

“Sophomore year she was earning her job. I’m not so sure it was a pleasant year for her, you know. I probably was a lot harder on her than I needed to be but I wanted to make her get it honestly,” Ron said.

“He’s a guy who is pretty honest and direct. I wanted that,” Anne added. “I think any time you’re the coaches kid you don’t want to be in the situation where you’re perceived to be the favorite or what-have-you, so I appreciated that and ya know, I think that he was always such a revered coach, which made it fun- playing for the guy that people actually wanted to play for.”

Ron is in his 28th year at Assumption where he boasts over 1,000 wins and 4 National Championships. In her 5th season at UofL, Anne earned an ACC title last season.

“When she told me right after her last year at UofL playing that she wanted to get into coaching and I said to her at that time, I said you know- and I knew she loved Louisville and I said ‘But there’s only one job here, you know, so you got to pretty much commit that you’re going to live around the country somewhere and she said ‘I know but I’ve got to give it a try’ so she did,” Ron told cn|2. “Then the opportunity came open and she was able to get hired back here. I mean it was like a dream come true. And not only do that but provide me with a granddaughter so it’s worked out really well.”

Reflecting back on the days when Anne was on Ron’s Assumption roster, they ahve different memories from those times.

“It was great. We won our first two championships with her as a junior and senior, so that obviously was an experience I’ll always cherish and it’s always fun to do that kind of stuff, but to do it with your daughter or son that just makes it that much better,” Ron said.

“I remember he had to come down and coach 14’s and he had always coached 18-year-olds and he came down and we had a time-out and he was really upset with us and, ya know, he told us that we were playing like a bunch of little 8th graders and we we were cracking up because, you know, he was all mad and we were like, ‘hey we are 8th graders!’ You know, so that was my favorite one besides probably winning the first state championship at Assumption,” Anne added with a laugh.

Anne said she mirrors her coaching style off her dad’s, while he said he’s able to learn new drills and techniques from her. He goes to most of their games and she goes to as many as the NCAA allows due to recruiting regulations.

UofL sophomore Molly Sauer is one of the numerous players to play for both Kordes coaches and she said they’re pretty similar to play for.

“Ron and Anne’s coaching style is very similar. They’re both really intense during games so kind of knew what i was getting myself into. … they’re faces both get a little purple when they get mad,” she said with a laugh.

The two coaches together are putting Louisville volleyball on the map.

“To have her share the same passion that I had, you know, my son coaches with us at KIVA [Kentucky-Indiana Volleyball Academy] and my other daughter Noel works with me at the building, but Anne- it’s great having someone to share that with you,” Ron added.

Assumption is 33-5 this season, going 7-1 in the region and 3-1 in the district. They play CAL Wednesday night in the 7th region tournament at 6:00 p.m.

UofL is 7-13 this season.

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