UofL FOOTBALL: Media Day Hot Topics

08/06/2016 03:07 PM

UofL is the latest school to host their annual football media, officially kicking off the season and camp and letting everyone sit down with the coaches and players ahead of the season.

There were plenty of things discussed throughout the day, including leadership, expectations and how the new players are adjusting.

One of the bigger topics was sophomore quarterback Lamar Jackson. The Florida native appeared in 12 games last season, but only started 8 of them as a QB. After racking up 12 passing touchdowns and 11 rushing, he was named a team captain.

Here’s what Petrino had to say about the man under center:

Jackson said as a sophomore, he never expected to be a captain, but since his teammates wanted him in that role he is embracing being a leader on both sides of the ball.

What is a media day without some fun (there’s plenty more where this came from)? Running backs L.J. Scott and Brandon Radcliff sang praises (literally, we’ll get to that later) for their QB, but couldn’t resist poking some fun at his new ink. Guess we should look out for Jackson’s new signature move?

Jackson isn’t the only team leader- most of the upperclassmen talked about assuming some type of leadership role. On the defensive side, DeAngelo Brown said he is one of those guys.

On a not-so-positive note, Petrino confirmed that CB Cornelius Sturghill will not be playing this season after a shooting incident when he went home to Memphis. Petrino noted that he was thankful that Sturghill’s life wasn’t on the line after the shooting when he spoke to Sturghill’s mother on the phone that night. Petrino added that he is taking all the steps to heal properly, as well as taking care of business in the classroom.

Big take-aways

  • The phrase of the day had to be “focused on getting better”. Coaches said it, the players said it, and for the most part- that is their main goal as a team.
  • People are genuinely excited that Jackson has been named QB- they like knowing who “they guy” is, they like him, they trust him, and they like his natural ability.
  • The O-Line is going to be a big asset. They’re experienced and since they want Jackson to throw some more, they’ll help buy him some time in the pocket.
  • Leadership was a big buzz word. Guys said people step up when they need to, and most of the upperclassmen talked about embracing a leadership role of some kind.
  • Reggie Bonnafon says he is adjusting well to the WR position. He played there in high school, and seeing things from a QB perspective is making the transition smooth. He says he can help WR guys see things like a QB, and vice versa. Said he is mostly in the slot and we may see a trick play or two.
  • Team’s best singer is reportedly Kyle Bolin. Cannot confirm this.


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