UofL FOOTBALL | Fan's Excitement For Season On Full Display in "The Card Yard"

08/28/2017 10:01 AM

Charles Blair is no expert in lawn care, but you wouldn’t know that by looking at his yard.

“This particular yard took me about anywhere from four to six hours,” Blair told Spectrum News.

He has no art experience outside of his high school classes, but the yard work has become a hobby and annual tradition.

“I like to draw; I’ve always done that. I get something in my head and give it a shot and just kind of go with it,” Blair explained.

The Louisville-native and lifelong Cardinals fan said his home has become known as the “Card Yard”. His neighbors don’t seem to mind it.

“A lot of people like it. It’s- I’ve got friends and different people who send me a message if I’ve not had it out a couple weeks before the season starts, ‘ Are you doing Cards Yard again?’ ‘Are you going to do it?’ ‘What’s happening?’ ‘Where is it at?’.” He said. “There’s actually another gentleman who I just talked to this year who actually, he’s doing one. He lives over by Iroquois, he started doing his own yard now so I’ve told myself ten years. I’ve got two more years and I said ‘Look, I’ll pass the torch to you sir. You can have it.’”

When he began painting the Card Yard eight years ago, Blair was beginning an entirely different journey- one to make a better life for him and his son.

“It was something I had wanted to do. I had, actually I had quit drinking and I needed something to occupy my time” Blair said. “So the very first day that I normally would have went to go hang out with my friends, I actually started painting my yard…eight years sober now, so I haven’t had a drink in eight years and it was that first weekend, ‘O.K. instead of going and hanging out, what am I going to do?’ and I was like ‘well, I’m going to give this a shot and see what happens.‘”

What happened, was the Card Yard, the result of a life change. Each year as Blair and his journey with sobriety has grown, so have the yards and artwork themselves.

As a season ticket holder, Blair has one last goal: to help paint a field at UofL.

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