UofL FOOTBALL | Blanton Creque Isn't The Only Kicker in the Family

10/24/2016 07:35 PM

University of Louisville sophomore kicker had a career day Saturday against N.C. State, breaking a school record for most points scored by a kicker in a single game with 18. His performance earned him the Atlantic Coast Conference Specialist and Co-Rookie of the Week honors.

Blanton isn’t the only Creque family member getting the ball through the uprights, however.

“Never in a million years would I have thought I was going to be on the football team,” said Lindsay Creque.

Lindsay always watched her brothers play football, but as a stand-out soccer player at Collins High she never dreamed she would be out there too.

“We had our right guard and our middle linebacker kicking, so- our right guard is really good and so is our middle linebacker, but kicking was not exactly their forte,” Explained Collins High Head Football Coach Jerry Lucas. “So we’re getting ready to approach the season, and to be honest we really didn’t have any options, so I was at a middle school practice for our middle school football team and our girls soccer team was scrimmaging and I’m sitting on the track and Lindsay gets a corner kick, which first thing- somebody had to explain to me what a corner kick was, and I mean she took her three steps and it was beautiful and about five minutes later she had another corner kick and the second one I was like ‘oh my goodness here’s our kicker right here’.”

He asked Lindsay if she would be interested in taking her brother’s old spot.

“I didn’t really think about it, I just said yes,” she said.

“I knew our kicker had gotten hurt- he hurt his knee, so I knew they were going to need somebody to kick so I figured they’d just get a guy soccer player but it’s pretty cool that it ended up being my sister,” Blanton added.

Before Lindsay could officially play in a game, she had to have six practices under her belt, so she went right to work.

“She went in there, we got some equipment out, we lined it up, she kicked. First one: right down the middle and she probably kicked 10 or 12 that day and I mean, it was perfect,” Lucas told cn|2.

Blanton is at UofL, but their younger brother Zach is also on the team at Collins. Lindsay didn’t tell either brother about her new gig.

“I was out of town whenever I found out. I saw a tweet so I texted my dad and was like ‘what?’ and he said that he kind of encouraged her to kick too,” Zach said. “I thought it was a big joke. I saw her in the pads and I didn’t know what to say.”

“I saw it on Twitter. i saw a video of her kicking and I just figured she would tell me, but she talked to me afterwards after the practice where they filmed her and she told me,” Blanton added.

Lindsay and Zach never thought they would be teammates, so in typical brother-sister fashion, they avoided each other.

“I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t really want her to play, but now it’s like, normal,” Zach explained. “I didn’t even want to acknowledge her at practice, but then later on we started to bond more.”

“Kind of just gave each other looks every now and then. We kind of ignore each other, but he was kind of weirded out about it at first but he got over it and he thinks its cool now,” Lindsay said with a smile.

Zach plays on the freshman team at Collins. He and Lindsay get along now, but not before the other teammates had some fun at Zach’s expense.

“‘Oh your sister is getting more playing time than you’ and he got really mad but it was kind of funny,” Lindsay added.

“They asked me how it feels that my sister gets more PT than me,” Zach said after laughing.

Being the big brother, Blanton offered some advice to his little sister.

“She’s pretty sound with her technique. I just kind of gave her some mental advice, you know, just if you miss a kick just focus on the next kick and don’t really worry about anything but the next kick. Just trying to keep her in the right mental state of mind.”

Blanton was a 3-time All-State kicker at Collins and kicked in their state championship. Lindsay is a junior at MLCHS and she helps the Titans football team when they need it, but Zach isn’t carrying on the Creque kicker tradition.

“Everybody asks me why I don’t kick. I just, I don’t know. I like to be more physical I guess,” Zach explained.

“He doesn’t really want to be a kicker. He plays safety and some defensive back and receiver so he took the more, ya know, athletic route,” Blanton said with a laugh.

Blanton has made 18/19 point-after attempts for UofL and 8 out of his 9 field goal attempts in his red shirt freshman season.


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