UofL Field Hockey Commit Overcomes Medical Condition To Become Part of Team USA

06/14/2017 08:30 PM

University of Louisville commit and Christian Academy of Louisville goalkeeper Samantha Minrath knew pretty early her field hockey talent could take her to the next level.

“In seventh grade actually I started to receive emails and messages in the mail from colleges, so in seventh grade was when I started to narrow down what I wanted in a college and then basically in ninth grade is when I started visiting different colleges and seeing what I wanted in a college more in depth and I didn’t at first realize that I wanted to stay home, but once I realized how amazing UofL was, they were in my top five colleges and last year I chose this one,” she explained.

Minrath plays on four different field hockey teams, including the indoor U.S. National Team. She spends nearly thirty hours a week perfecting her goalkeeping skills.

“I think it’s pretty challenging because of the size of the ball is pretty small and you have all the gear on and they can shoot from anywhere in the circle which is kind of, it’s kind of hard sometimes, but it’s fun,” Minrath told Spectrum News.

At five foot eleven, she’s the ideal size for a goalkeeper.

“Being a tall goalkeeper is good because we dive and so we cover more area or if we have to get a jumping save I can cover that which is nice,” Minrath said.

Her size didn’t come without a price. Minrath explained she suffers from a rare medical condition, but she doesn’t let that hold her back.

“I have marfan syndrome, which is basically, that’s why I’m so tall and my arms are so lanky and stuff and I have a little bit of a heart murmur but it doesn’t really affect me that much as long as I know my limits, so I have to keep within those limits,” Minrath explained.

She takes extra breaks and has to drink plenty of water to manager her condition with her extensive practice schedule. Sometimes sports can be exhausting for Minrath and her escape is art.

“I bring my, like, my art and stuff to my field hockey tournaments, so if I don’t- like for the USA team, I didn’t know a lot of people, so I brought it with me and that kind of helps me get to know people better because they’re like interested in it,” Minrath said.

She’s heading into her senior year at CAL in the fall and is looking forward to pursuing both of her passions at UofL- as a Cardinal student-athlete on the field, and considering studying art in the classroom.

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