UofL BASKETBALL | Johnson Cited For Drug Possession, Charges Vacated

05/02/2017 02:27 PM

Multiple reports show that University of Louisville junior forward Jaylen Johnson appeared in court and pleaded guilty Monday in Woodford County to a marijuana possession charge.

According to reports, the judge issued a fine of $260.50 to be paid by April 24.

According to court records, Johnson was pulled over on March 22, just three days after the Cardinals loss to Michigan in the NCAA tournament, because his license plate was not visible. Officers found marijuana in his vehicle and issued him the citation.

Head Coach Rick Pitino confirmed in March that Johnson, along with Donovan Mitchell and Deng Adel , was declaring for the NBA draft. Johnson has not hired an agent, meaning he is able to return to Louisville for his senior season.

The NBA combine takes place in less than a month.

This news comes, as UofL prepares for what is supposed to be, according to Pitino, a mid-April hearing in front of the NCAA infractions committee, where Pitino is facing “failure to monitor” allegations in the sex scandal involving former staffer Andre McGee.

The Ypsilanti, Michigan native averaged 8.0 points and 5.8 rebounds per game as a junior.

UofL Athletics Sports Information Director Kenny Klein sent the following statement: “We just became aware of the matter and have addressed it internally.”


UPDATE – May 2, 2017:

Spectrum News has learned that a judge has set out a plan under which Jaylen can take a certain class. Once that class is completed, Johnson’s attorney will then be able file to have the guilty plea vacated, which erases it from his record.

As of Tuesday, none of it has occurred yet and there is no set time frame in which Johnson has/will take the class.


UPDATE- May 2, 2017

Under KRS 218A.276:

(1) “If treatment is indicated for the person,
the court may order him or her to the appropriate treatment or recovery program as indicated by the assessment that will effectively respond to the person’s level of
risk, criminal risk factors, and individual characteristics as designated by the
secretary of the Cabinet for Health and Family Services where a program of
treatment or recovery not to exceed ninety (90) days in duration may be prescribed. The person ordered to the designated treatment or recovery program shall present himself or herself for registration and initiation of the treatment or recovery program within five (5) days of the date of sentencing.”

(8) “In the case of any person who has been convicted of possession of marijuana,
synthetic drugs, or salvia, the court may set aside and void the conviction upon
satisfactory completion of treatment, probation, or other sentence, and issue to the
person a certificate to that effect. A conviction voided under this subsection shall
not be deemed a first offense for purposes of this chapter or deemed a conviction for purposes of disqualifications or disabilities imposed by law upon conviction of a

(9) “If the court voids a conviction under this section, the court shall order the sealing of all records in the custody of the court and any records in the custody of any other agency or official, including law enforcement records, except as provided in KRS 27A.099. The court shall order the sealing on a form provided by the Administrative Office of the Courts. Every agency with records relating to the arrest, charge, or other matters arising out of the arrest or charge that is ordered to seal records, shall certify to the court within sixty (60) days of the entry of the order that the required sealing action has been completed.”

(10) “After the sealing of the record, the proceedings in the matter shall not be used
against the defendant. The court and other agencies shall reply to any inquiry that no record exists on the matter. The person whose record is sealed shall not have to
disclose the fact of the record or any matter relating thereto on an application for
employment, credit, or other type of application.”

Spectrum News learned on April 27th that on the 21st of April Johnson had paid the original court-ordered fee.

There is no longer public access to Johnson’s case documents and Woodford County officials will not comment further.


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