UofL BASKETBALL | Brian Bowen's Attorney Issues Statement

11/28/2017 10:59 AM

Last Wednesday the University of Louisville announced that Brian Bowen, a McDonald’s All-American at the center of the FBI probe into college basketball, would not be allowed to play for the University of Louisville Men’s Basketball team at any point.

Bowen has enrolled for spring classes at Louisville, and UofL announced that “may remain on scholarship but will not be allowed to practice or compete,” and granted the five-star a full release.

Bowen’s attorney, Miami-based Jason Setchen, issued the following statement to Spectrum News:

“At this time we are not commenting on Brian’s situation other than to say: Brian fully cooperated with the institution and it is our position that there is overwhelming evidence in support of our contention that Brian did not participate in any of the alleged schemes nor did he have any knowledge their purported existence. Therefore, Brian is very disappointed with UL’s decision not to seek reinstatement on his behalf; and we continue to have the utmost confidence in the NCAA and their enforcement personnel and Brian looks forward to pursuing his lifelong dream of playing college basketball at another NCAA member institution.”

We will continue to monitor this story as it develops.


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