UofL Athletics | Letter Officially Terminating Tom Jurich

10/24/2017 03:11 PM

In documents obtained by Spectrum News, Louisville Interim President Dr. Greg Postel details why the University of Louisville Board of Trustees voted 10-3 to terminate long-time Athletic Director Tom Jurich “for cause” on October 18.

The letter, dated October 20, says the board made the decision to terminate his employment after “the consideration of extensive information and weeks of thoughtful deliberation.”

The letter continues by saying that Jurich’s contract requires him to “perform the duties of Athletic Director and Vince President in an ‘exemplary fashion,’” and that he failed to fulfill those and other obligations.

It says that Jurich failed to promote “zero tolerance” for infractions, because “you have deliberately refused or been slow to take any meaningful disciplinary or enforcement action.”

The letter also claims that Jurich had a “consistent and willful lack of supervision of head coaches” citing that there are coaches that have worked for UofL “well over ten years” and have never performed a yearly performance review and assessment or disciplinary memorandum (which it claims was the responsibility of the AD).

The letter continues, saying that following the FBI investigation, the “significant and habitual dereliction of duties has caused substantial damage to the Athletic Department and the University as a whole.”

It also claims that Jurich demonstrated “ineffective management, divisive leadership, unprofessional conduct and a lack of collegiality best characterized as intimidation and bullying” causing substantial damage to UofL.

The letter also cites past transactions with former President James Ramsey, saying that “you have repeatedly engaged in willful misconduct by entering into multiple purported agreements or understandings with former President Ramsey for your own financial or other benefit,” and adds that he willingly kept them secret from the campus or public.

They cite section 6.3(d) of his contract for “willful misconduct detrimental to the University” as the reason to fire Jurich “for cause”. According to section 6.7 of his contract, this means that he forfeits all further compensation, benefits and other incentives.

The letter is signed by Interim President Dr. Greg Postel.


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