University now claims joint decision by Jurich and Ramsey for postseason ban

02/16/2016 09:57 AM

Now, almost 2 weeks after the announcement of the University of Louisville’s self-imposed postseason ban on the basketball team, ripples continue to surface concerning who made the final call to impose a post season ban for this years men’s basketball team.

Yesterday, it was reported that the University investigative committee was not involved in the decision. U of L is now trying to clear the muddy waters by releasing the following statement.

Statement from UofL spokesman John Karman:

“At President Ramsey’s request, the UofL Investigative Committee met on Friday morning (February 5) to allow Chuck Smrt, our investigator who is working in coordination with the NCAA, to brief the Committee members regarding the results of the inquiry to date. Professor Jones was unable to attend because of another commitment.

During the Committee meeting, Mr. Smrt reviewed the current information that he had shared with Dr. Ramsey and Athletic Director Tom Jurich the previous afternoon (Thursday, 2/4/16). Based upon the information that Smrt reported to Ramsey and Jurich on Thursday, the committee was informed that the decision was made by the two principals to impose the postseason ban.

The role of an institutional investigative committee is to advise the President throughout the inquiry process. According to customary procedures, the President has authority for making decisions throughout the investigation period, often consulting the Athletic Director on corrective and punitive action. The committee’s role is to serve in an advisory capacity to the President, but there is no custom or requirement that the President’s decisions are subject to a vote of the committee or its acquiescence. Institutionally, the President has the responsibility for any decisions regarding this matter.

The President is grateful for all of the committee members who agreed to serve in this important endeavor. They are providing a great public service to the University and the City by contributing their judgment in this difficult process.”

In a February 5 press conference, U of L President James Ramsey took the initial responsibility for the call to suspend postseason play, but the following day, head basketball coach Rick Pitino claimed it was Athletic Director Tom Jurich who recommended the sanctions.


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