TRANSYLVANIA BASKETBALL | Pioneers Add Former Kentucky Player Kyle Macy to Coaching Staff

11/08/2016 05:54 PM

Former UK great Kyle Macy had been out of the game for several years. Aside from his broadcast duties, he had been a high school tennis coach until he was asked to join the staff at Transylvania University. Head Coach Brian Lane said Macy joining his staff had been his hope for years.

“I just thought this year was a good opportunity to ask him. We’ve got a very good basketball team coming back- a lot of veterans and I knew it was going to be an exciting year for us and I thought that he could really help some of our returning guys that maybe have heard me say the same thing one or two years,” Lane explained. “So I went to lunch with him, he didn’t know that I was fishing. When I was fishing, he didn’t have an idea what I was fishing about and then I called him later to see if he could look into doing the broadcasting and being on my staff so that’s how it went.”

Lane and Macy are familiar with working together, Lane was an assistant on Macy’s Morehead State staff for two years before accepting his current job at his alma mater, Transy.

“It’s exciting. I enjoy it. You know, I was always kind of a gym rat when I was a player and loved my days coaching and so a chance to get back on the court and work with young kids is always fun,” Macy told cn|2.

“Just a good friendship that really makes this situation work,” Lane added.

Due to his broadcast contract, Macy can’t be on the bench during games, but they’re developing his role so he can use his experience as a player- at Purdue and a championship Kentucky team, as well as his professional experience, to help the Pioneers.

“Several times during the day, during gaps in the guys schedules he’s able to work with our guys and when you have a pro on your staff and working with guys it gets their attention and certainly he has a stellar career both as a player and as a coach and he has an immediate respect from our guys and they’ve probably seen some similarities in how we communicate and talk about certain things because obviously we were on the same staff for awhile and I learned a lot from him,” Lane explained.

Macy was an All-American and SEC Player of the year in 1980. He was drafted in the second round by the Phoenix Suns, and had a 10-year professional career.He says he doesn’t bring up the past to his team, but does have some things to teach them.

“You know, I’m an old man. I’ve been through the wars both as a player and a coach, so just some insight and those type of things. Fundamentals, just different things you learn over the years being around the game of basketball,” Macy said.

Macy’s is volunteering his time for Transylvania, simply because of his love for the game- something he says he shares with his players.

“Yeah it’s a different level- division one and division three but that doesn’t mean that it can’t be good basketball and the kids are playing because they love to play and not because they’re on an athletic scholarship, so that always makes it fun too,” Macy added.

The Pioneers will begin the regular season November 16 against Thomas More at 7:00 p.m.

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