Track fans now able to watch Derby on world's largest TV

04/18/2014 12:19 PM

When Churchill Downs opens its doors for the spring meet next week, patrons will be in for a breathtaking surprise. The new video board or “big board,” as it is being called, will make sure that everyone can see a horse — even on Derby Day.

The big board, which is being produced by Panasonic, is billed as the only video board in an outdoor stadium or arena capable of displaying the new and advanced 4K ultra-high definition technology. The board measures 171-foot wide by 90 foot tall which also makes it the largest 4K video board in the world. It will sit 80 feet above the ground.

To give you an idea of the enormity of the big board here are a few random comparisons. Much was made of the video board at AT&T Arena in Dallas during the Final Four. Churchill’s new board is 11 feet wider and 19 feet taller. You could line up 3 college basketball courts, side by side, and fit them in the big board with room to spare. The square footage of the big board is larger than 5 average size US homes. Combined!
Get the picture?

The good folks at Chuchill Downs recently shared a time lapsed video of the construction and installation of the big board. Take a look.


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