Things Montrezl Harrell Cannot Break

07/28/2014 10:50 AM

1. A phone book
2. A walnut
3. The Hulk: While Montrezl Harrell is the hulk of the UofL basketball team, until he gets caught in a blast of gamma radiation like Bruce Banner, Trez probably cannot take on Marvel Comic’s strongest character.
4. Gumby: From one green guy to the next, Montrezl cannot break Gumby either. He bends but won’t break.
5. Infomercial unbreakable cups

6. A stack of bricks
7. Wile E Coyote: The Coyote has been chasing the road runner for more than 70 years. He has been hit by an anvil, a rocket, a boulder and even a piano. Not sure anything will ever break Wile E.
8. Goal Posts: Now, it’s popular for NFL players to dunk the football when they score a touchdown. Not sure Montrezl Harrell could bring down the goal posts on a single dunk.

9. Louisville Slugger Bat: This bat is 120 feet long and weighs 68,000 pounds. No matter how hard Montrezl tries, he is not breaking the Louisville Slugger museum’s giant bat.

Leave your things Montrezl Harrell cannot break in the comments section!


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