Specifics of the University of Louisville's response to the NCAA

01/25/2017 06:51 PM

The University of Louisville stayed true to its word and is heavily refuting one of four NCAA Level I allegations the school is being charged with; specifically, the charge stating that head men’s basketball coach Rick Pitino failed to monitor former basketball staffer Andre McGee.

U of L received its Notice of Allegations from the NCAA in October. It charges 1) former U of L staffer Andre McGee with providing impermissible inducements to then current and prospective student-athletes, being uncooperative with the NCAA investigation, and 2) violating NCAA ethical conduct policies. It also 3) charges former team assistant Brandon Williams with not cooperating, and 4) Rick Pitino with failing to monitor Andre McGee.

The school does not dispute most of the allegations and does not take a stance on McGee’s or William’s involvement with the investigation. It also agrees that 37 of the 40 detailed instances stated in allegation number one took place, but argues the validity of three of the incidents.

The University’s response is 92 pages, and is paired with a separate 43 page response from Rick Pitino and Rick Pitino’s attorney, Scott Tompsett. Pitino’s response argues that the way in which Andre McGee operated made it so Pitino would receive no indication any salacious acts were taking place. In Pitino’s rebuttal, the coach says quote, “If the people who live in the dorm and people who are trained and paid to watch the dorm never saw a red flag, it is unreasonable to allege that the head coach should have seen red flags.”

The responses also included much more information on each incident alleged in the original notice, as well as conversations between Andre McGee and U of L private investigator Chuck Smrt prior to the release of “Breaking Cardinal Rules.”

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