RIVALRY WEEK | Sibling Rivalry As Strong As UK/UofL Rivalry For Josh Allen and Myisha Hines-Allen

11/24/2017 02:07 PM

So far this season, Myisha Hines-Allen has been Miss Double-Double for the Louisville Women’s Basketball team.

Josh Allen, has been one of the Blitz Bro’s in Lexington.

The two share more than athletic skill. The New Jersey-natives share a last name, because they’re brother and sister.

“Growing up he was just a funny kid. I mean, all boys when they grow up in a household filled with girls and women it’s just like they’re- they think they’re like ladies men. So, it was just like he was goofy, always wanted to play sports,” Hines-Allen explained about her younger brother, Josh.

The UK linebacker is the youngest of six kids. His sister LaTorri played basketball at Virginia Tech and Myisha is a former McDonald’s All-American starring at UofL. He knew he had a lot to live up to.

“They were always like ‘Oh Myisha, Torri, Kyra doing this, what you going to do? You know, your uncle did this,’ So, I always was the young one so I had to wait my turn you know, I just got a competitive edge and I always wanted to compete with them,” Allen explained.

For these two, the sibling rivalry is as intense as the Cats and Cards rivalry.

“Since we’re from New Jersey, its like we’re not from Kentucky. So, we really didn’t know. We just hear stories about it, so I cheer for my brother. It’s like no problem. Everyone knows he goes to Kentucky and back where he’s from everybody knows I play for Louisville, so I mean, we cheer for each other and I just hope, like Louisville football wins but I just hope my brother does awesome,” Hines-Allen said.

Josh knows he’ll hear it from his sister if the Cards do take the Governor’s Cup Saturday.

“We went out to a restaurant- and this is when we lost, so she was talking all that. ‘Oh, when’s the last time y’all beat Louisville?’ and she was talking all that junk, like ‘Y’all can’t even make it to a bowl game,’ and all that. ‘Y’all got to go through us to get to a bowl game,’ and then when we won last year, it was like ‘where’s that talking at now?’ So now this year, I’m ready for all that action.”

Sometimes they admit, they’ll even dress like a fan of the other team.

“I just have a Kentucky shirt,” Hines-Allen admitted. “A football shirt that I wear when I go to his games and that is it. It’s like at the back of the closet though, so it only comes out when I go to their games.”

Josh feels the same about repping the Cardinals.

“I’ll wear like, a red t-shirt, you know, because I look good in red I feel like, so I’ll probably wear a red t-shirt, but like, when I’m with my family, it’s crazy because Myisha made me a Louisville t-shirt with her name and her jersey number and all that, so I wore it down there, but only wore it in Louisville.”

Like a lot of siblings, Myisha and Josh give each other tough love, but they’ll brag a little when the other isn’t around.

“In high school I never got to see him play, because he moved down with my aunt in Alabama, so I never got to see him play. I had only got to see him play in pee-wee football and basically didn’t get to see his growth spurt until I got to college and when i went to his games I was just like ‘Wow, my brother is like awesome at football.’ He does a great job,” Hines-Allen explained.

“Best player in college basketball right now, so averaging a double-double,” Allen said of his sister. “Averaging a triple-double soon, so can’t nobody stop her. They’ve beat two top-25 teams in the country, so you can’t beat that.”

For both Myisha and Josh, this is something they dreamed about.

“We wanted to rule the state. You know, she’ll rule Louisville, I’ll take over Kentucky, so once we get to this point, she’ll be the face of Louisville, I’ll be the face of Kentucky and we’ll run the state.”

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Last week, Myisha Hines-Allen was named MVP for the WNIT Tournament that the Cards won. So far this season, Josh Allen has 56 total tackles, one interception and seven sacks.

The Cats and Cards face off in Lexington Saturday at noon eastern in the final regular season game.


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