Ninety-two-year-old baseball legend passes away

01/13/2017 10:43 AM

CHARLOTTE, N.C. (TWC News Charlotte) – Every resident at the Brookdale Senior Living Center in Charlotte, North Carolina has years of stories to tell. But Mildred Meacham was in a league of her own.

“And I wish everybody really had gotten to meet her because she was an extraordinary woman and she was a part of history.”

Meacham played in the All-American girl baseball league in the 1940s.

“It was a group of women who did something brave and loved every minute of it.”

Her nickname on the field was “Meach” and she played for the team that inspired the hit movie “A League of Their Own.”

“There’s no crying in baseball!”

“Mildred would probably agree with him knowing her.”

Meach lived and breathed baseball and Brookdale wanted to recognize her role in the sports’ history. So just a few weeks before she died, Meach got a special visit from the youngest baseball player on Team USA.

“It was really awesome to see how Meach came to life when Alex and her were talking about baseball.”

And though the 92-year-old had trouble remembering many things at the end of her life, the memories of baseball never seemed to fade.

“Every blade of grass, every spec of dirt, the field, the crowd, the lights, she says, everything.”

A pioneer who paved the way for female professional athletes, driven by the simple love of the game.


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