Mock Draft for 2011-12 U of L and UK returning players

06/23/2011 11:45 AM

Greg Brohm, my co-host on the Wazoo Sports Buzz radio show, had a great idea for Thursday morning’s show. With the NBA Draft taking place Thursday night, Greg thought it would be good to have a mock draft involving the 2011-12 rosters for the University of Louisville and University of Kentucky basketball teams.
One thing to keep in mind: The draft is based on the players value for NEXT season, not long-term potential. (Judging by our picks, both Greg and I leaned more towards experience and production over talent). Here’s a rundown of how the draft went (Greg was kind enough to give me the first pick).

1) CHIP-Terrence Jones, UK-To me, Jones is the only guy on either team capable of putting up 20 and 10 on a regular basis next season. That’s too valuable to leave on the board. Should be motivated to have a big year, and don’t forget, he was getting Player of the Year consideration in December.

2) GREG-Peyton Siva, UL-With Jones off the board, I’m going with the most valuable position in college basketball: point guard. Siva will be the most important player on the floor for the Cards next season. Experienced and can create – straw that stirs the drink. Has to overcome silly fouls and inconsistency, but has shown leadership in working to improve. I go with the “quarterback” for the team with my first pick.”

3) CHIP-Doron Lamb, UK-In my opinion, Lamb is the best overall scorer available. I like the idea of combining his perimeter firepower with Jones’ versatility. Should average at least 15 ppg next season.

4) GREG-Mike Gilchrist, UK-Multi-dimensional athlete that can do it all. A physical presence that can get to the rim, score, and defend. A counter to Terrence Jones. May or may not start for the Cats, but he is my selection in Round 2.

5) CHIP-Anthony Davis, UK-Davis will probably be the No. 1 pick in the 2012 Draft but slips all the way to five here. Keep in mind, this is for next season, not 3-4 years down the road. Now that I’ve got my scorers in Jones and Lamb, I need a guy to protect the rim, and Jones is an elite shot-blocker.

6) GREG-Gorgui Dieng, UL-For next season, Dieng may be close to an equal with Davis. Huge potential, coachable, and a nice offensive game that will only get better. That year under his belt and the 20 pounds of extra muscle will allow Gorgui to hold his own on the block and anchor the middle.

7) CHIP-Kyle Kuric, UL-Kuric’s perimeter shooting and athleticism gives him real value here. He and Lamb give me a nice 1-2 wing combo, and I think he’d be even more dangerous with NBA talent around him. I could see him getting plenty of dunks and his patented corner threes in transition. Darius Miller will be a better pro, but is still a little too passive at times for my liking.

8) GREG-Darius Miller, UK-Time to get a shooter. And I will also take the senior leadership that Miller brings to the table. Came up big late in the year and I think he is primed for a big season. Also developed a nice post game.

9) CHIP-Marquis Teague, UK-Now that I’ve got the rest of my roster filled out, it’s time to get a point guard. Teague still needs work, but I like him leading the break. (The fact that Greg took Siva with his first pick allowed me to take Teague a spot or two later than I would have since I knew Greg wouldn’t draft another PG that high).

10) GREG-Chane Behanan, UL-–Need a power forward to round out my starting five. I like his powerful frame (ala Rodney McCray) to bang on the boards. And he has shown the athleticism to play some on the perimeter and handle the ball. While not tall, I think he can out-muscle Davis and Jones in the paint. I’ll take him here over Buckles or Wiltjer.

11) CHIP-Wayne Blackshear, UL-Best player available. Could be a valuable scorer off the bench or start in a three-guard lineup. Give me a wing rotation of Lamb, Kuric and Blackshear and I’ll take my chances.

12) GREG-Kyle Wiltjer, UK-Kyle might be a steal right here. Long, lanky, and can shoot from the outside. Can play the 4 and the 5 (and maybe even the 3). Hook shot is his secret weapon on the inside. Most overlooked of the Cats’ rookies, but he might end up being my “Dirk”.

13) CHIP-Chris Smith, UL-I’ve got star power. Now it’s time to find a glue guy, a role player willing to come off the bench and do the little things that make winning teams, and someone who doesn’t need a ton of shots or a lot of glory. Smith fits that role perfectly.

14) GREG-Mike Marra, UL-I know what you’re thinking – “greatest shooter I’ve ever seen… But Marra has shown flashes. He is streaky but he has got to get more consistent eventually. I think this year is that time. Surprisingly athletic, too. Adding Marra with Darius Miller makes me feel better about the 3-point line.

15) CHIP-Eloy Vargas, UK-All I’m looking for here is somebody who can come in, give Davis and Jones a breather, grab a rebound or two, play some defense and not screw everything up. Surely Eloy can do that can’t he?

16) GREG-Angel Nunez, UL- I liked what I saw of this Francisco Garcia look-a-like in the Derby Classic. Can shoot the 3. Moves well and has a nice offensive game. He can give scoring help off the bench.

17) CHIP-Twany Beckham, UK-I need a backup point guard. Beckham’s size gives him the nod over Elisha Justice and his experience (two years at Mississippi State) gives him the edge over Kevin Ware.

18) GREG-Rakeem Buckles, UL- I debated Behanan over Wiltjer and Buckles, but I end up getting all three with this selection. Buckles absence last year may have been the biggest missing ingredient for the Cards. The injury is a concern and we would have to ease him back, but he is experienced, can shoot, and is willing to hit the glass.

Below is a list of the final rosters. How do you think a game between these two teams would play out? How would your draft go? Please feel free to comment. And be sure to check out the Wazoo Sports Buzz weekdays from 9-10 a.m. on Talk Radio 1080 WKJK-AM

Terrence Jones
Doron Lamb
Anthony Davis
Kyle Kuric
Marquis Teague
Wayne Blackshear
Chris Smith
Eloy Vargas
Twany Beckham

Peyton Siva
Mike Gilchrist
Gorgui Dieng
Darius Miller
Chane Behanan
Kyle Wiltjer
Mike Marra
Angel Nunez
Rakeem Buckles


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