Meet Tech: The Bat Dog For the Lexington Legends

06/30/2017 11:31 AM

“We didn’t know we had a bat dog until that one Thursday when he came running out, so it was pretty exciting,” explained Lexington Legends first baseman Joe Dudek.

The bat dog he is referring to is Tech, a Belgian Malinois who serves as the bat dog for the team on Thursdays, which are “Bark At The Park” nights

“I’m a dog lover so I was pumped up, I think the team loves it and the fans get into it so I think it’s a lot of fun,” Dudek explained.

“Originally, it started off that we were just going to be the bat dog for one inning, at the bottom of the second, and then by player’s request we are doing it for two innings now, the bottom of the second and bottom of the fourth,” said P.R. Gerrow, Tech’s owner and owner of Sit Means Sit Dog Training in Lexington.

When Tech isn’t working, you can find him doing what any dog loves to do.

“We go out to the parking lot, we play tug a whole lot and jump around, fetch things that are a whole lot lighter than bats- just a big playtime,” Gerrow said.

With an owner who is a dog trainer, Tech is very well-behaved, but he enjoys the perks of his new-found fame in Lexington.

“It’s gone to his head a little bit. we go out a whole lot and somebody will go ‘oh that’s Tech the bat dog!’ and he’ll start prancing around and strut up a little more,” Gerrow joked.

Tech leaves his mark on the game- literally

“He does leave some teeth marks so that’s pretty funny,” Dudek said with a laugh.

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