Marvin Lewis remembers Chuck Noll

06/18/2014 07:00 PM

After passing away on Friday at the age of 82, legendary NFL coach Chuck Noll has been laid to rest. Bengals Head Coach Marvin Lewis grew up watching Noll’s teams in Pittsburgh. And while he never coached with Noll, Lewis was part of the Steelers organization as a linebackers coach in 1992. Lewis felt he learned from the mark Noll left on the team.

“I think, obviously, the thing that Coach Noll did is he set a direction, they had a plan, they drafted for the plan, they developed for the plan and it ran very smoothly and productively for a while,” said Bengals head coach Marvin Lewis. “They won championships and that’s the key element. He had a great temperament about him. He was a very physical person, they had a physical football team. He was demanding as a football coach. And, you know, you learn from that. When I went there to coach in ’92, they were a hardworking football team from being there with Coach Noll.”

Lewis was able to draw a few comparisons between Noll’s teams and his Bengals.

“We had big tough lineman there and that’s what I think we have. They had a defense that could be basically smothering so you want to have that. You want to have big production from your white outs and your quarterback’s got to be able to throw the football effectively. And hopefully we have all those things in place.”

Lewis didn’t know Noll well but did get an opportunity to be paired up with the former coach in some celebrity golf tournaments.

“It was great because I think the other people in the group, they had the chance to play with Chuck Noll but unfortunately they had to play with Marvin Lewis too. The greatest part of it was the fact that these guys wanted Coach Noll to share stories about football. Coach Noll would be talking about the leaves on the trees or the beer that he made last month. You know, whatever wine..those kind of things that were beyond football. The only thing he related to sports and competitiveness was they would leave the last putt for him and he would say there’s no pressure. So, his temperament about competition was great.”


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