Louisville judge drops students' lawsuit against Katina Powell

05/03/2016 02:31 PM

Jefferson Circuit Judge Mitch Perry has officially dismissed a lawsuit filed against Katina Powell by Kyle Hornback and other University of Louisville students.

Perry ruled that “a current or future student could potentially bring a claim against a university for virtually any negative assertion which has a real or imagined impact on that student’s education. Allowing this claim to go forward would allow these plaintiffs to drastically expand the avenues of civil liability and recovery in the commonwealth of Kentucky.”

In the suit, the students claimed that Powell’s tell-all book, “Breaking Cardinal Rules,” diminished the value of their education. In the book, Powell describes numerous sexual encounters with former UofL men’s basketball players and recruits. Those allegations have led to a full investigation of the basketball program by the NCAA and a private investigation by the university.

The judge did not dismiss the portion of the lawsuit that involves women pictured in the book. Those women claim defamation, saying that images of them wearing lingerie imply their involvement with stripping parties and were used without their consent.

In a statement to cn|2 Sports, Powell’s attorney Larry Wilder said:

“We are pleased that the judge agreed that the students’ claims lacked merit. We are prepared to continue the fight with the claims made by the dancers and look forward to developing evidence through depositions and other discovery to prevail in that case as well.

We believe that after we depose the dancers and other witnesses we will be able to establish that Katina did nothing that damaged their character or reputation. Truth is an absolute defense to the claims of defamation.”


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