Louisville City FC Hosts Boys and Girls Club of Kentuckiana For A Clinic

08/24/2016 03:23 PM

Just four days ahead of their Saturday matchup against the Bethlehem Steel, Louisville City FC players took some time out to teach the future generation.

Tuesday, nearly 50 kids of all ages took the field as Louisville City hosted the Shawnee Boys and Girls Club of Kentuckiana for a free after-school soccer clinic.

“They were pretty excited, some more than others,” said Kelley Luckett, the Program Director for the Shawnee Boys and Girls Club.

The kids took the practice field from 5:00-7:00 with players and coaches.

“Watching kids for 2 hours, it’s pretty difficult,” defender Enrique Montano said with a laugh.

“It’s really great to see them having a good time and I noticed that they nicknamed one of the players “Mr. Giggles”, so they’re really even forming relationships with the players really quickly and they’re just having a great time and I love to see their smiles and hear them laughing and just enjoying themselves,” Luckett added.

Montano was the player they dubbed “Mr. Giggles”, but he wasn’t sure how he earned that nickname.

“I don’t know. I guess it’s probably like this the entire time,” He said with a smile. “I don’t know, Mr. Giggles.”

7th grader Dante Stewart missed his own soccer practice to come to the clinic with his friends at the Boys and Girls Club, but he didn’t think is coach will mind too much.

When asked, Stweart said “Uh, that’s a different story,” smiling and scratching his head. “I haven’t told him yet, but- but we’re going to tell him.”

Scoring, wasn’t the only goal.

“Our kids are definitely a group of kids who are more at risk. 95% we have are on free or reduced lunch, so they don’t necessarily get to do activities like this all the time, so any kind of field trips that we can offer them and any activities and events outside of the club are great. We try to do that as much as possible and when we have- when they Louisville City soccer players asked us to come out and Humana [team and event sponsor] asked us to come out, we just jumped on the chance to be able to participate,” Luckett explained.

“Any sport is good for them, as long as they’re out here and not doing other things,” Montano added.

Some did more learning than others.

Stewart said he learned “a lot about dribbling and passing”.

“It’s very difficult to kind of give them guidance, because like I said, they have so much energy and they are all over the place, so you know, the first thing was have fun- and the second thing was don’t grab the ball with your hands,” Montano said with a laugh.

Luckett thinks there may be some future soccer stars in the bunch.

“We have a football and soccer field our front so we might be playing more soccer than we are used to playing at the club.”

It appeared that the Louisville City players had as much fun as the kids.

“It seems like they enjoyed it and we definitely enjoyed having them over,” Montano said.

It also reminded the players that at some point, everyone was a beginner.

“Getting to see them touch the ball for the first time and play the game for the first time really does bring me back to when I was a youth soccer player and just playing in a random recreation center,” said goalkeeper Greg Ranjitsingh.

The kids got the pro-treatment, and got something the players don’t get- pizza.

“I don’t think [head coach] James [O’Connor] would like us to end practice with pizza, but I am jealous, though. I would like to get a slice after- hopefully they have one for me,” Ranjitsingh joked.

Montano and Ranjitsingh were also joined by teammates Adohan Quinn, Tarek Morad, Mark Anthony Kaye and assistant coach Daniel Byrd. Wednesday they are hosting the Parkland Boys and Girls Club for a similar clinic.

You can watch below:


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