Katina Powell and Andre McGee not indicted in aftermath of UofL basketball sex scandal

05/25/2017 01:16 PM

The University of Louisville is still awaiting the results of its hearing before the NCAA Committee on Infractions, but there has been a conclusion in the other investigation involving alleged criminal activities by Katina Powell and Andre McGee.

A press release issued by the Commonwealth’s Attorney office stated:

“After a thorough investigation by the University of Louisville Police Department and a comprehensive review by three prosecutors in the Office of the Jefferson County Commonwealth’s Attorney… a Jefferson County grand jury has declined to return an indictment against Katina Powell or Andre McGee.”

Powell and McGee are at the center of the UofL basketball sex scandal. In Powell’s book, Breaking Cardinal Rules, she claims McGee paid her thousands of dollars to provide women to perform salacious acts for former UofL basketball players and recruits. Her book documents acts that included stripping for and having sex with then players, recruits, and guardians. The book also raised concerns that some of the women involved, her daughters in particular, were minors.

According to the Commonwealth’s Attorney, the investigation concluded that no under-aged girls entertained recruits and the women identified in the book denied having sexual contact with any of the recruits or receiving payment for sex acts. Furthermore, investigators’ interviews with former recruits revealed, “instances of sexual contact with unknown women.”

The Commonwealth’s Attorney says that none of the recruits were able to confirm any payments had been made to the women by McGee or anyone else.

After a presentation of evidence, a grand jury decided that the evidence was not sufficient enough to bring criminal charges against Katina Powell or Andre McGee.

Commonwealth’s Attorney Tom Wine stated: “We strongly commend the University of Louisville Police Department for their commitment to investigating whether criminal activity had occurred on the University of Louisville campus during the recruitment of these high school basketball players, but in the final analysis there is not sufficient credible evidence assembled to support bringing criminal charges against these individuals.”


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