John Barr gives his perspective on Breaking Cardinal Rules

10/21/2015 08:40 PM

ESPN Reporter John Barr, along with Jeff Goodman, recently dreported on ESPN’s Outside the Lines, on the UofL basketball allegations. The story that has rocked the campus, the community, and college basketball in general.

Five former UofL players told Barr and Goodman they indeed were at parties in the campus dorm Billy Munardi Hall, that included strippers. One of the players admitted to having sex with a dancer, after former UofL Director of Basketball Operations Andre McGee reportedly paid her.

Barr- “Whenever you’re dealing with the players in this situation, the one thing they are loathe to do is to go against that unwritten rule that you don’t snitch (2:06)…“This is one of those situations where we had to provide a level of anonymity to these people or else they wouldn’t speak.” (2:21)

The parties were described in Katina Powell’s book Breaking Cardinal Rules as taking place from 2010 through 2014. Powell says she was paid around 10-thousand dollars over that four year period by McGee to supply dancers.

Barr – “Katina Powell said Andre would complain about how little money he had, that he couldn’t even pay his car note. (It) is what he would say. So that doesn’t suggest he has the means to bankroll these parties, which by our estimation, ran into the tens of thousands of dollars. So, where did that money come from?” (9:40)

Here is the full interview with John Barr


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