Indiana Track Star Heading To Louisville In The Fall

07/09/2017 01:00 PM

Noah McBride-Stewart is fast.

Like, ran a 10.5 100-meter dash fast.

“He kind of energized the whole program, you know, the first time that he ran low, like a 10.65, you could just kind of hear the gasps in the crowd. Everybody kind of excited and it really picked the team up and so it’s got everybody in the city talking and its exciting and I think drawing a lot of interest in track in this area because of him,” explained his coach at Harrison High School, Seth Bauer.

McBride-Stewart was quick enough to not just own the Harrison High School record in the one and two-hundred meter dash, but the entire city of Evansville, Indiana. And as fast as he is, he was slow to realize it.

“I texted one of my friends Robert and I was just like, ‘bro i’m like the fastest person ever to come through here’ and then he was like ‘yeah, they told us like last week. You just now finding out?’ and I was just like, I guess it doesn’t always hit me at that moment just because I’m always just kind of like, its another race, but then when I kind of feel it I get really hype,” McBride-Stewart told Spectrum News.

He capped off his senior season by proving that he wasn’t just the best in the city, but in the entire state, winning the 100 and 200 meter dash in the IHSAA State Meet.

“I was hype about being able to get a ring for once. I’ve always- that’s always a big thing around here, once you get a ring you’re like, kind of on top, so being able to get two of them this year, that’s really big. So, I’m just really proud of that.,” he added with a smile.

After a summer full of meets, he will head to UofL on a track scholarship this fall. McBride-Stewart felt Louisville was the first school to recognize his potential.

“They were in communication with him even when he wasn’t running fantastic times and then when he did start putting up those big times, the bigger schools, some of the bigger schools like Ohio State and Tennessee, those types of places started calling but he was really- he liked UofL, he liked the coaching staff, he liked the facilities right from the very beginning and I think because they had stuck with him through this whole process, that was a big part of his decision,” Bauer said.

McBride-Stewart agreed.

“When I was a junior and earlier in my senior year my times weren’t really there, but they told me that they trusted me and they would give me an offer at that time, so having them through the whole process and being even involved when I wasn’t necessarily the fastest one, but now that I am the fastest they’re really proud of me and they can’t wait.”

He said it wasn’t just the track and field staff and facilities that drew him in. McBride Stewart said seeing Cardinal athletes like Lamar Jackson and Brendan McKay and other Louisville athletes succeed across the board got his attention.

“They produce a lot of athletes at a high caliber and just knowing you can be one of those and them having the reputation for that just kind of lets me know that they have , they want to see all their athletes get to the best that they can be so that’s definitely something I like,” McBride-Stewart added.

With McBride-Stewart really coming on in his senior season, his future is bright.

“I think UofL is getting a really good one and they should be pretty excited. I think he’s got a lot of maturing to do and I think he’s only going to get better,” Bauer added.

McBride-Stewart will run at nationals at the end of July.

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