H.S. VOLLEYBALL | Lexington United Takes Their Skill To The Next Level

03/02/2017 06:45 PM

The seniors on the Lexington United Volleyball team are really going places.

Clemson, Virginia Tech, Indiana State, WKU, USF, Ohio, Western Michigan, Tennessee, and La Salle to name a few.

Their entire senior class is going division-one next season. They said the grind wasn’t easy, but they had fun doing it.

“We get to help out the younger girls whenever we can and just be someone that they can look up to in the future,” said Keyton Kinley, a senior at Lafayette heading to the University of Tennessee next year.

Sacrifice was necessary to play a sport year-round.

“It takes a lot. I feel like I’ve missed a lot of birthday parties and a lot of things, like as you grow up, but that’s something that you learn to deal with, because if you want to be better and be a great athlete then that’s just what you’ve got to do,” said Doris Carter, a Tates Creek student committed to the University of South Florida.

Emma Yarber, a senior at Henry Clay High School heading to Western Michigan next season said it was worth it.

“You come back to school on Monday and you hear about parties and stuff that everyone went to and you can’t go to that because you had practice or tournaments and stuff, but like, you’re going division-one for a sport that you love. Like, free college. So the sacrifice is worth it.”

The team said having high-expectations got them this far.

“Every single time you would play, your college career was on the line,” Reilly Lowe, a La Salle commit and student at Lexington Catholic.

“When you’re on great teams and you’re doing great and you’re working really hard, like, that’s just what you should expect from yourself,” Carter added.

“I think we’re all very competitive and I think we all have one goal, to get to college. Go to D-1, we all have scholarships, so I think that’s a big deal and I think other colleges notice that, that like really good, competitive people are coming out of here,” Darby Music told Spectrum News. Music is heading to WKU next season when she graduates from Henry Clay.

“We’re all ready to come in every day and work towards that and I think we all had the common goal, you know of like, wanting to get to college and wanting to play as freshmen and we want to have an impact on our future teams,” added Lindsey Wilkins, an Indiana State commit out of Tates Creek.

The girls are paving the way for volleyball players in the city- and it wouldn’t be Kentucky without a little Louisville-Lexington rivalry.

“Lexington is as good of a volleyball area as the places like Indiana, and Louisville. Where Louisville has been going on for a long time, so the fact that Lexington has produced so many D-1 athletes now, people are starting to realize that Lexington United, Lexington volleyball is as good as any other place,” said Macy Reihing, an Ohio commit from Tates Creek High School.

“You just want to prove to them, like listen. Like we’re here too and like, you want to be able to beat them and in tournaments when you do you’re like ‘That’s right. We did,’” added Yarber.

“Come out and beat them in high school and in clubs. It’s always like this bitterness towards them,” Music said with a laugh.

Next season all ten of them will be at nine different schools across the country (two are staying in-state at WKU), so for now they’re just enjoying the ride.

“We are best friends and it’s just a lot easier to- all the bad times and all the hard times are a lot easier when you know that you can look to your side and your best friend is there,” Kinley explained.

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