H.S. FOOTBALL | Pulaski's Mink Plays Through Halftime

11/09/2016 07:02 PM

Pulaski County senior, Daniel Mink picked up football when he was in first grade, but in sixth grade, he found music.

“The football field is more aggressive. Maybe I don’t think as much, I’m just concentrating on the play at hand, but in marching band I’m very focused. We do the same thing every time so I’m trying to be perfect. In football you don’t have to be so perfect. It’s just two different worlds I guess,” Mink explained.

He had been balancing his two worlds throughout his high school career.

“It’s hard to balance. Some days it’s like 8 hours after school- I’m going three hours football, three hours band and then like a couple hours in between sometimes. You know, it’s hard but I love both things so I just try to- I can’t give one or the other up,” Mink told cn|2.

Mink plays a football game, then he drives several hours to wherever the band is staying, Friday night it was Tennessee. Saturdays he competes in marching band competitions. On senior night, the two worlds collided when he was able to come out at halftime with the marching band for the first time.

“It was even more satisfying doing it in my football uniform, you know, people were going crazy,” Mink said. He added from his coaches, to his teammates, band mates and friends he has received nothing but support.

The band conductor, drum major, alto saxophonist, and nose tackle truly loves each of his different roles.

“I can’t say I prefer one over the other. They’re completely different. So, they’re both my loves. My passions honestly,” he added.

Mink said both sports require a good work ethic, but he does have one wish.

“If more people respected the other one- football players respecting band players more and band, football more I think we’d get along a lot better, you know?”

Mink and the Maroons are back on the gridiron Friday night for round two of the playoffs at Whitley County at 7:30 p.m.

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