H.S. FOOTBALL | Money stolen from Iroquois High taught valuable lesson

10/05/2016 07:03 PM

The Iroquois High School football team hasn’t had a win this season, but while they work toward that goal, they are working to other goals as well.

“We’re all about building the men off the field. Feeling like the goal is if we do that, because they’re better people off the field they’ll be better football players on the field,” said Head Coach Chris Peters.

The team made news over the summer when they did work in their community as a team fundraiser.

“We were going door to door and asking if there was yard work we could do,” Peters explained. “We- all the coaches brought in our push mowers so we got three push mowers and then we were just walking around the neighborhood, knocking on doors going ‘hey can we cut your grass? Can we rake your leaves? Can we pick up trash?’”

Coach Peters shared the story with his brother, a former UK football player who now plays for the Arizona Cardinals.

“He happened to be watching the news story in the locker room during their football camp and some other guys saw what he was watching and said ‘hey, you know, what’s that?’ He told them the situation, told them the things that we were trying to do in our community here and they wanted to help,” Peters explained.

Help they did. Corey’s teammates all pitched in to help the Raiders with their fundraising efforts.

“They just took out whatever cash they had in their pockets and they collected a total of, I want to say $2,200, and they just put it in a Fed-Ex envelope and shipped it to us. Well when we got the envelope, the side of the package had been cut and the money was taken out of the envelope,” Peters told cn|2.

“Somebody had to be like really in need and crazy to do that,” said junior linebacker and running back Darion Sherfield.

Instead of being angry, he used it as a teaching moment for his team.

“They wanted to act out and they wanted to make bad decisions and the lesson we got to teach them was, just because someone does something wrong to you does not mean you have a green light to be a jerk or do something wrong to someone else. Two wrongs don’t make a right,” Peters added.

Fed-Ex reimbursed their money from the Cardinals plus an additional $500.

“I was able to stand in front of our team with a check for $2,700 and say ‘look when you keep doing positive, even though negative things are happening in your life, good things happen eventually’,” Peters said.

“The practice before that he told us that like, don’t get really upset because in the end good things always happen back to you. Just make sure you stay humble and patient,” added Sherfield.

Sherfield said his first thought was “why?” when he first heard about the yard work, but he was glad he did it and said it made the team a “brotherhood” and put smiles on people’s faces.

The fundraisers weren’t for new uniforms or equipment, which Peters said is a need they still have. It was for yet another life lesson and learning experience.

“What we’re trying to do is get our kids on a college campus. We want to set up a tour so that- a lot of these kids have never even been outside Louisville and I’m asking them to strive to go to college,” Peters explained. “That’s a hard thing to do when you don’t know anyone that has gone to college, you’ve never stepped foot on a college campus yourself. So I want to show them that it is achievable by taking them on these campuses and showing them, ‘hey, these kids are just like you. You can do whatever they’re doing’.”

While the players are striving to do more both on and off the field, they’ve learned something from this experience.

“Through bad times just stay composed and be happy,” Sherfield added.

Coach Peters said they are still raising money for both equipment and college visits for his players. If you want to make a donation he says to write a check to “Iroquois Football” and mail it to the school at:

Iroquois High School
4615 Taylor Blvd.
Louisville, KY 40215

He also hopes people support the Raiders simply by buying a ticket to the game. They play at home Friday against Atherton at 7:00 p.m.

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