H.S. CHEERLEADING | BGHS Cheerleading Wins National Title For Stunt Group

02/08/2017 02:00 PM

“It’s just icing on top of this season.”

That’s how senior Bowling Green High School cheerleader described being named a national champion.

After trial and error, the Bowling Green cheerleaders stunted their way to the top.

“I certainly didn’t expect it and especially after seeing the line up of all the other teams that also entered, the other big-name teams that have won for years and years it was insane to see our name above them, so it was a really really cool feeling,” Howard added.

In BG’s third season as an All-Girl squad, the Purples cheerleaders were crowned the UCA National High School Cheerleading National Champions for their varsity girl 4 partner stunt after entering a video submission. It wasn’t easy- it wasn’t even really planned.

“We threw it together in I think like six days, so to get that great of an outcome from such a short practice time was really, really awesome,” Howard added.

Senior base, Becca Counts agreed.

“In that week we spent probably ten hours working on the stunt over and over again until we finally had it perfect.”

The goal is to make a difficult skill look easy.

“People don’t realize how hard it actually is to do these stunts and it’s a lot of technique and skills,” senior base Brooklyn Kilgus explained.

The Purples compete in the national championship for a team title this week. With one title already under their belt, they said they’re feeling pretty good.

“I could not have been happier. It was something I’ve wanted ever since I was a little girl to be a national champion and to be one now, it’s absolutely amazing,” Counts added.

But at Bowling Green High, they have pretty high expectations for themselves.

“Being a Bowling Green Cheerleader, it means that we’re leaders in the school,” added Rachel Counts, Becca’s younger sister and the flyer for the championship stunt group.

“Being from Bowling Green, its kind of expected to be the best, so our school expects us to be the best,” Becca added. “The state championships, all the sports win region, they win district, so us winning- it kind of like, puts us up there with the rest of the school and they’re really proud of us too.”

The ladies are hoping they return to Bowling Green in white national champion jackets to follow up the stunt title.

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