For the Cincinnati Bengals, it's all tempo, tempo, tempo

05/30/2014 10:13 AM

Bengals quarterback Andy Dalton now has a few years in the NFL under his belt, but in this off season, new offensive coordinator Hue Jackson is taking their practices up a notch.

“Trying to get up. Get down. Snap the ball quicker. It’s all going to be to our advantage,” Dalton said. “Everyone’s moving faster. [Hue is] getting the play in quick or trying to call it quick or shifting or doing all the different stuff we are doing.”

The faster tempo will give the Bengals an advantage come game time in the fall.

“If you are snapping the ball quicker, you get a chance to run more plays,” Dalton said. “You get to the line quicker and you have a chance to do more stuff at the line and a better chance to read what the defense is doing.”

Without a rookie camp, coaches and veterans are using these OTAs to bring the rookies up to speed, literally and figuratively.

“It gets everybody moving in the right direction. It gets everybody working on the same page,” Dalton said. “Everybody’s trying to get better and keep improving. I think that’s what this time is for.”

The Bengals have one more week of OTAs before mini-camp starts the second week of June.


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