ESPN's Jeff Goodman: "I'm pretty darn sure that all of this happened."

10/20/2015 05:36 PM

The co-author of Breaking Cardinal Rules, Katina Powell, spoke to ESPN’s Outside the Lines during a one-on-one interview that aired on Tuesday.

The report, co-authored by ESPN Basketball Insider Jeff Goodman, details the allegations, through Powell’s words, along with those of her three daughters. Powell alleges in her book that each of her daughters participated in the sex deals she made on a regular basis with former Louisville staffer Andre McGee.

The report references five former UofL basketball recruits and players — all of whom Goodman spoke with. Goodman told cn|2 Sports that conducting interviews for the piece helped to further solidify his own beliefs of what actually happened.

“Going in, I wasn’t sure,” said Goodman. “Finishing up talking to all of these guys, I’m pretty darn sure now that all of this happened.” (:26-1:47)

Many following the scandal since it first began in early October are now voicing concerns over growing information in support of the allegations. In fact, several members of the media argue that the only way UofL Basketball can recover is with a new head coach of the program.

Goodman says whether or not Pitino knew of the events described in the book, if they happened, he may still have to answer as a head coach who was not aware of illegal activities taking place under his watch.

“Under new NCAA rules, a coach is found to be more accountable and can’t just say they didn’t know what was going on,” said Goodman. “How hard do they hit him? We don’t know because we’ve never seen them deal with a case like this under the new revised rules.” (2:29-3:41)

Goodman says he expects the findings of the UofL investigation conducted by Chuck Smrt to be released before those of the NCAA investigation. But, he says he has concerns about the information Smrt may have access to.

“I was able to get these guys to talk to me. Can Chuck Smrt get to the same players? Are they going to be honest with him? A couple of the players I talked to are not in college anymore. They’re playing professional basketball,” said Goodman. (4:25-5:18)

Goodman goes on to say that while he’s not certain the NCAA investigation will uncover proof that Pitino did or did not know about the allegations, if true, he does expect the NCAA will uncover the information it needs to conclude whether or not they even took place at all.


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