EKU MEN'S GOLF | Team Prepares For Conference Tournament

04/22/2017 02:00 PM

By winning percentages and total wins, EKU Men’s Golf began the spring as the winningest team in the country.

“I know that, say if I’m struggling, that I’m going to have guys in the tournament that are there to pick me up and I think that’s what is so special about this team is the faith that we have in the other guys on this team, that if you don’t have your best day, then they’re going to be there to back you up,” Explained Will Sallee, a junior for the Colonels.

Head Coach Pat Stephens agrees.

“The camaraderie, the team chemistry is as good as I can remember ever having on a golf team and they do it as a group. If you watch some of our tournaments and some of our scores, not one person is usually carrying the load. They all carry the load and so that’s making them a really good team.”

Their success is also due, in part, to a new mentality.

“This year we really played one shot at a time. Just focused on doing the best we can do and only control what we can control so, it wasn’t really any pressure. We weren’t focused on any results, just the process,” added junior Noah Combs.

This weekend they head to the OVC Conference Tournament. They’ve had the taste of victory, and the Colonels are eyeing that championship again.

“We won conference my freshman year and last year we lost by four shots so I know we have kind of a sour taste from that and we’re pretty excited,” Combs added.

The stakes have changed, but the preparation has not.

“The most important thing for me and this team is just to kind of treat this week as any other week,” Sallee told Spectrum News. “We just kind of want to go into conference with the same mindset as we do every other tournament and just continue to do what we do week in and week out and we know we’ll go there and have a good showing then.”

Combs agreed.

“We’re not really going to cram. It’s just getting prepared and having the same prep that we’ve had all year and maybe a little more, you know, zoned in on the course and things we need to take care of, but its kind of the same preparation we’ve had all year.”

Just like the team has confidence in each other, coach has confidence in his team.

“Well I like our chances. Obviously there are some good teams that we have to beat. We can’t just show up and play. I mean, we’ve got to go down there and do what we’ve done the entire year but I do like our chances.”

EKU will be competing for their 13th conference title.

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