COUNTY CONNECTION | Pair of SEC Commits Behind Madisonville North Hopkins' State Title

06/29/2017 08:30 AM

This season the Madisonville North Hopkins softball team was led by two seniors- Kaylee Tow and Mallory Peyton.

“Man, they’ve worked tirelessly for ten plus years,” said head coach (and dad to Mallory) Shannon Peyton. “I’ve coached those two kids together- they’re the same age, and we started out together in our local rec[reation] league and they’ve done everything we’ve asked them to for roughly the better part of ten years and we’ve traveled all over the country and they’ve pushed themselves to do whatever they’ve needed to do to get themselves to the next level.”

After playing varsity for the Lady Maroons for seven years, the pair earned scholarships to SEC schools. Tow will head to Alabama in the fall, and Peyton to UK.

“I like to win a lot and they win a lot, so that was really appealing and then the facilities and mostly the coaches. The coaches just made me feel like that was home for me,” Tow explained.

Peyton, said it was a love for her home state that sealed the deal for her.

“Kentucky is just, it feels they have a sense of home up there and it’s my home state and I want to go make my family and my city proud by playing at UK.”

Through their high school careers, they’ve accounted for numerous wins, multiple district and regional titles and deep runs in the state tournament, ending with the state title this season. It’s that competitive spirit that drives them to do better.

“Their will to win is extraordinary. You know, it don’t matter if they feel a tick off after a game, you know, we’ll get here early, we’ll stay late. We’ll take extra balls, whatever it takes, they’re willing to do it and you know, they’ve just played at a high level for a very long time and faced great competition and they understand after seeing all those things that, yeah, you can’t just be average. You can’t be average and expect extraordinary results and for them, I think that desire and will to win has drove them to be who they are,” Coach Peyton told Spectrum News.

Tow and Peyton agree that being a Maroon has prepared them to be SEC-caliber athletes.

“We train all the time. We’ve trained all throughout the season and now that’s the thing that’s going to come with college is its going to be all the time and its hard work, so he’s instilled in us hard work mentality and a winning mentality. So we always feel like we’re going to win and we’re working hard,” Tow explained.

Both said they’ll miss their teammates the most when they head off to college.

When asked what each school would get with the other player, their answers were surprisingly similar.

“Alabama is getting a great athlete. Kaylee is not only a great athlete, but a great person. She pushes everybody to become a better person, a better softball player every single day. She’s a great leader and knows how to lead a team in a positive way and she’s just- she’ll be a spark plug there at Alabama. She’s going to be great,” Peyton said.

“A phenomenal athlete. Mallory can hit the ball for power, she can hit the ball for base hits, she can play defense. She can do basically anything, so what kind of athlete they’re getting? I mean, they’re getting a phenomenal athlete, but they’re getting a phenomenal person,” Tow explained.

That has been the Maroon’s mentality. Be a good athlete. Be a good person. They say that is what will have them suiting up in the Southeastern Conference next season.

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