Can Lamar Jackson really throw a football 85 yards?

09/09/2015 12:54 PM

The past week has been a whirlwind for Louisville freshman quarterback Lamar Jackson. He entered the season as a freshman quarterback at working to digest a new offense, more complex than anything he had run in high school; then was suddenly thrust into the national spotlight as he led the Cards on a second-half comeback bid that fell just short against Auburn in the team’s season opener.

Despite being Louisville’s starting quarterback and all of the pressure that comes with the job, Jackson seems to be managing all of the attention pretty well. Maybe because it’s something he’s used to.

During media availability on Tuesday, Jackson casually mentioned that he could throw a football 85 yards in high school and that there was video evidence to back it up.

We found the video on Jackson’s Instagram profile and it looks pretty impressive. Jackson (in the gray sweats) appears to throw an 85 yard ball right on the money.

Jackson also said he’s not exactly sure how far he can throw a ball, but ventured a guess saying he could hit 95 yards. However, Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach Garrick McGee isn’t buying it.


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