Bru's Views: Gerald Christian is not Irrelevant

05/04/2015 08:00 PM

Gerald Christian is Mister Irrelevant..the name given to the very last player chosen in the NFL Draft..and many years that title is spot on….don’t think that’s gonna be the case this season. In fact I think the Arizona Cardinals got a steal…taking this Louisville Cardinal.

First of all, Christian has extremely soft hands for a Tight End. He catches almost everything thrown at him. This past season that meant 28 passes for 428 yards and four touchdowns. In his two year career at UofL, Christian caught better than 800 yards worth of passes and 9 Touchdowns. They are decent numbers…not tremendous…but you have to remember, Christian played under two different coaches with different offensive systems. Charlie Strong is a little bit more conservative offensively than Bobby Petrino, although ironically, Christian caught more passes under Strong’s system. Course that’s also when Teddy Bridgewater was playing quarterback. Last year, I’d see Christian wide open numerous times, and the quarterbacks simply refused to throw him the ball. I get it. They had DeVante Parker at wide out, and he got all the attention. But Christian was a match-up nightmare…too big to be covered by a safety, and faster than most linebackers. I thought he was one of the more underutilized components in Petrino’s offense last year…and the 6-3 244 pounder still was named third team all ACC.

Christian will have to work on his blocking to bring it up to NFL caliber…but I have this funny feeling that Mister Irrelevant will not only make the roster, but be very Relevant for Arizona. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.


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