Akoy Agau talks transition to college and UK/UL rivalry

05/20/2014 03:10 PM

Six-foot, eight-inch forward Akoy Agau is back home in Nebraska for the summer and recently was on the Sharp & Benning In The Morning program where he discussed the difference between being a high school star and transitioning to a D-1 program like Louisville.

“When I got there I wasn’t strong enough, I wasn’t quick enough, I couldn’t guard anybody…I wasn’t in the shape I was supposed to be in. It took a while to get into the shape I needed to be able to compete at that level,” Agau said.

When asked when he finally knew that he belonged playing at that level at Louisville, Agau replied, “…when I was finally able to complete a three hour practice without dying.”

In his freshman season at UofL, Agau saw action in 19 games averaging five minutes per contest and about one point and one rebound. But as the season wore on, Agau could tell a difference in his game. His quickness and strength started to improve, and he attributed that to having to go against Montrezl Harrell in practice everyday.

With Montrezl deciding to stay that will cut into playing time for Agau next season but the sophomore-to-be couldn’t be more pleased that his teammate has decided to stick around.

“He’s gonna help our team, and he’s gonna help me,” Agau said.

Inevitably the conversation moved to the UK/UL rivalry. Agau didn’t pull any punches on his feelings.

“I’ve never been part of such a rivalry… if you win you have exactly 365 days until the next year that you gotta play each other and talk all the crap you want,” Agau said. “That’s literally all they do. I personally feel our fans are more mature. I hope there are no UK fans listening.”

To listen to the full interview click here.


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