Younger generation still backing President Obama, according to Vice President of Young Democrats

09/04/2012 05:23 PM

Young Democrats are concerned with the economy, education, and the re-election of President Barack Obama, according to one Kentuckian with a high-profile role at the Democratic National Convention.

Colmon Elridge, executive vice president of the Young Democrats of America, has been on the national media circuit serving as a surrogate for Obama. And Elridge has been talking about what his generation of millennials want to hear from the President.

Elridge says young people are still engaged and still support the president, and his organization represents a wide variety of the younger generation that are concerned about their futures.

“It’s that focus on the vision for the future, the American dream, and if it is going to be accessible for us” (at 0:48).

However, some younger voters have expressed a growing sense of unmet expectations. Elridge said they need to be patient because the changes they want to see can not happen over night.

“We as young people have t o be engaged in that process and can not assume that just because it hasn’t happened, just because it didn’t happen in 4 years, we don’t have responsibility to continue to shape that future” (at :55).

Elridge also acknowledged that the the stagnant unemployment rate has particularly affected his generation. And he said the president needs to speak to in order to reassure young voters.

“We are a generation that is underemployed or unemployed and I think he has to speak to that” (at 2:56).


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