York says it is time for tax reform and work of tax commission could be good starting point

06/06/2013 06:21 PM

Representative Jill York, R-Grayson, said it is time to start looking at finding new revenue streams through tax reform but that it will require time, research and cautious assessment.

The work and research done over the past year by the Blue Ribbon Commission on Tax Reform will be helpful in giving the legislature an idea of what options they have when looking to revamp Kentucky’s tax code, according to York.

“I think they began to whittle things down for us. And I am a big fan of bringing everyone to the table and getting all the ideas and sorting and that began the process,” York said (at 2:45).

York said she wishes there had been a more groups, including small business owners, at the table to add more voices to the tax reform discussion. But York’s main hope is that the group’s work is not done after presenting a document of suggestions to the legislature.

“If we are going to be fair to our citizens in the commonwealth, we have got to readdress that,” York said (at 3:45). “The next step should be to take those recommendations and stay on point with it. To either within the LRC or within the caucuses themselves but to begin getting down to specifics and crafting.”

Tax reform is the state’s most pressing issue because of the possibility that the legislature could eventually have to choose between the services that their constituents need and deserve, according to York.

“We can’t count on the economy, we can’t count on maybes and we can’t count on the federal government to be as able to assist us as they have been able to in the past,” York said (at 4:30). “And that means self-reliance is going to force us to do the hard stuff and put the work in and the sweat equity and come with plans that the business community, the citizens at large, that everybody can look at and say ‘I may not be happy with everything that is here, but I understand why they got to there.’”


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