Wuchner surprises GOP by not seeking re-election to House

01/31/2018 02:31 PM

FRANKFORT – One of the biggest surprises yesterday during the final day of candidates filing to run for 2018 political races was the withdrawal of candidacy from 66th District Rep. Addia Wuchner.

Wuchner, who was first elected in 2004, said that a number of factors went into her decision.

“First, I want to say that I’ve always believed that this is not a career,” Wuchner said. “You know, we come here to serve for a given amount of time, it should never be a career, these seats belong to the people that we represent.”

Wuchner filed to run for election earlier this month but says a number of factors came together to make her realize that it was time to not seek re-election, but she was disappointed that only one Republican, Boone County attorney C. Ed Massey filed to run on the GOP side.

“Last week, as things occurred, towards the end of the week, I made a few phone calls and thought there were three individuals coming down to run, but at the end of the day, one came,” Wuchner said.

Wuchner was one of eight GOP House members filed a formal charge Wednesday calling for the expulsion of House Speaker Jeff Hoover following his decision to remain speaker even though he had promised to step down amid a sexual harassment scandal this fall.

Wuchner claimed that the incident had nothing to do with her decision.

Wuchner admitted that the decision to not seek re-election was not easy.

“It was very difficult, obviously, I’m a mom, an nurse, you know, when i cam to Frankfort after doing medical mission trips, you know, Frankfort was my new mission fields, the way I saw it,” Wuchner said. It was just an opportunity to serve so it was hard to get up and walk away, but I’m not giving up, I’ve still got a lot of work to do in ’18.”

Wuchner says that she’s not concerned herself with endorsements, but just wants to get on with the work that she has remaining.

“I’m here working, not going to get caught up in campaigns,” Wuchner said. “Obviously, there’s one individual on the ballot, so, of course, I’m going to support the person on the Republican ticket.”

One Democrat, former Boone County High School teacher Roberto Henriquez, has also filed to run for the seat.


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