With clocking ticking towards midnight, Phil Moffett finally gets ads on radio

05/13/2011 02:02 PM

Republican gubernatorial hopeful Phil Moffett is trickling out radio ads less than a week before the May 17 primary, in a last ditch attempt to capture his party’s nomination.

The ads, which carry the same message but flip their order, are running statewide, Moffett’s campaign manager David Adams, said.

The ads began running yesterday, with five days left until the primary. One of Moffett’s opponents, Senate President David Williams, has been running radio and TV ads since mid-April.

The third person in the GOP primary, Bobbie Holsclaw, has not yet run any radio or TV ads.

Moffett has been dogged in his campaign by his inability to raise large amounts of money, something that played a role in Moffett just beginning to run ads so late in the game, Adams said.

“We had hoped for better,” Adams told Pure Politics.

When asked if running ads for five days before a primary is too late to have influence, Adams said no, noting it was “far from the only thing,” the Moffett campaign was doing down the stretch.

You can hear one version of the radio ad below:

-Reporting by Kenny Colston


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