Williams first on radio, Indiana Kemper?, Ky. universities vie for presidential debates

03/30/2011 08:15 AM

Senate President David Williams has launched his first radio ad of the 2011 gubernatorial primary, running the ad statewide starting today, according to the Williams campaign. The 60 second ad touts Williams and his running mate, Richie Farmer, as true conservatives. It says Williams has a “proven record of cutting taxes and fighting out of control government spending.” Williams is in a three-way primary with Jefferson County Clerk Bobbie Holsclaw and Louisville businessman Phil Moffett for the Republican nomination for governor this year. You can hear the ad here.

When it comes to fund-raising some candidates opt for a very traditional looking invite and then some get, well, creative. John Kemper, a Lexington businessman, attempts the latter with his latest flier promoting Kemper for the Republican nomination for Auditor of Public Accounts. The photo shows Kemper as Indiana Jones, equipped with the trademark whip and pistol. Although it does not list a disclaimer saying who paid for the image.

Independents looking to get on the 2011 ballot have until April 1 to file a statement of candidacy with the Secretary of State’s office, according to a news release from the office. Any candidate who does not have a statement filed with the office by April 1 will not be allowed to submit nominating petitions in August that would put the candidates on the ballot. There are six statewide offices up for election this year.

And lastly, as we told you on Tuesday night’s Chatter segment on Pure Politics, two Kentucky universities are vying to host a 2012 presidential debate. Eastern Kentucky University and Centre College have both expressed interest to the committee in charge of selecting the debate sites. In 2000, Centre College hosted the vice presidential debate between then-Vice President Dick Cheney, running for re-election with President George W. Bush and Sen. Joe Lieberman, who was running with outgoing vice president Al Gore.

(Correction: An earlier version of this story incorrectly stated the date of the vice presidential debate at Centre and Lieberman’s running mate.)


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