Williams backs away from Forgy statements about Abramson; Forgy stands by comments

06/22/2011 06:02 PM

Republican Gov. candidate David Williams says he doesn’t agree with statements made by former Rep. Gov. candidate Larry Forgy about Democratic Lt. Gov. candidate Jerry Abramson’s faith.

Forgy said in Sunday’s Lexington Hearld-Leader that Gov. Steve Beshear only picked Abramson to be on the ticket to help “attract New York and Hollywood Jewish money” for the campaign.

Williams said Wednesday those comments weren’t appropriate and distanced himself from the remarks.

“I don’t think that my campaign said anything like that. I know we didn’t say anything like that,” Williams said. But Williams also accused the Beshear campaign of inserting religion into the campaign in his first ad where he said his father was a pastor.

Forgy told Ryan today that he made those comments because he believed them.

“This is the big race in the nation until (20)12,” Forgy said, adding a lot of liberal activists like Barbara Streisand and Steven Spielberg will come in and raise money for Abramson and Beshear.

But fact checking on Forgy’s statements don’t exactly back them up. Beshear and Abramson’s campaign finance reports so far show they have raised a total of $11,650 from 13 individuals who live in New York city and $2,250 from four donors in Los Angeles — out of the $5 million Beshear and Abramson raised.

Forgy denied playing the religion card, instead calling his claims statements of fact.

Forgy also called the Beshear a philisophical anarchist. When pressed on what that means, Forgy said, “He doesn’t care about the state. He sends a budget up, he has a constitutional responsibility, as you know, to put a balanced budget before the legislature and it’s got $700 million worth of slot machine money in it. That’s anarchy!” Forgy said. (see the 2:10 mark of the clip)

Watch the full segement here:


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