Will Republicans Hold on to Power in Congress After November?

08/10/2018 09:40 AM

By: Eva McKend

WASHINGTON-When it comes to the midterms, Republicans know history is not on their side.

“Typically the President that is holding the White House will lose seats in his first midterm election. Right now, Democrats have a five-point advantage when the question is asked are they energized, we need to make that gap zero,” said Kayleigh McEnany, a national spokesperson for the RNC.

McEnany describes the next few months as a battle of the bases. She anticipates nail biter races. That’s why part of the Republican ground game includes using President Trump on the campaign trail, winning over independents in competitive districts and focusing on the strong economy.

“There’s so much opportunity for Americans across the country, so the economy is really our bread and butter top marquee issue,” said McEnany.

And like Democrats, Republicans are also banking on displaced Puerto Ricans.

“It’s a really important outreach effort on our part, particularly in the Orlando area, the I4 corridor. This is an area where we are really seeing an influx so there’s no doubt that we are sharing the message of economic freedom, of prosperity and what the Republican party has demonstrated over the last two years,” said McEnany.

When asked how they planned to cater to the more moderate wing of the party in response to the vocal faction of white nationalists, McEnany pointed to the popularity of the President among Republicans as evidence that most of the party are with one accord.

“We believe the Republican party has never been more united. This is an administration that is inclusive. We believe this is an administration that can say under my watch, we have historically low unemployment for African American and Hispanic individuals,” said McEnany.

The RNC also plans to use consumer data they’ve been collecting for more than a decade to target voters.


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