While long-term spending is in doubt, Ky's Hal Rogers at least makes sure 2012 is taken care of

11/21/2011 07:02 AM

The supercommittee of six Democrats and six Republicans might be struggling to make a “big deal” to reduce federal spending over 10 years by $1.2 trillion by its deadline later this week.

But, on the bright side, at least there’s not an immediate threat of a government shutdown on top of that.

Congress — with Kentucky U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers of Somerset at the forefront — made sure of that last week by passing the 2012 budget for several key agencies, including Commerce, Justice, Transportation and Agriculture.

And it was a bipartisan vote with more than 160 Democrats joining in with about 100 Republicans. Among Kentucky’s delegation, Rogers and the three other Republicans and the two Democrats all voted for it. Among the Senate and House conferees to approve this part of the spending, only one voted against it.

It was a rare show of bipartisanship over spending issues.

But there is more to come. The bill extends the budget for nine other areas of government until Dec. 16. So Rogers and Congress must replicate that kind of bipartisan support in a few weeks.

Now about that supercommittee? That seems to be a different story. (Find out what Rogers has to say about that and the future of the federal budget on Tuesday’s edition of Pure Politics. 7 p.m. Eastern/6 Central on Insight’s cn|2.)


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