Wet/dry special election set for tiny Kenton County precinct

05/03/2017 05:43 PM

PINER – A mistake by the Kentucky’s Alcohol Beverage Control (ABC) in issuing an alcohol license last summer has led to a special election on Tuesday, May 9 in the rural Northern Kentucky community of Piner where a business owner hopes to have the opportunity to once again sell alcohol to customers who visit his store.

Sam Pastal, owner of the Corner Market, applied for and received a liquor license last summer so that he could sell alcohol as his store, the Corner Market.

Michelle Still, a friend of the owner, said everything was fine until the store was turned in for selling alcohol illegally, because the location of the market was designated “dry” which was unknown to Pastal as well as the state ABC.

Kenton County Clerk Gabrielle Summe said the precinct has been dry since prohibition days.

“There was a special election in 1937, asking them if they want to stay dry, and the answer to that was yes,” Summe said. “The only way that you can change that is to again, put it back on the ballot for the registered voters only in the Piner precinct.”

Still organized an effort to get the issue on the ballot — collecting names on a petition which she had placed in the store.

Still says that for the owner, it’s all about business and revenue.

“He made a lot more money when he was selling the beer than he is now,” Still said. “We had a guy that was in the other day and he made a good point and said that they’re just going somewhere else and buying it. Their taxes are going wherever they’re buying versus they could be right here.”

In November 2016, 539 ballots were cast in precinct, with President Donald Trump receiving 431 votes to 86 for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.


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