Video highlights: McConnell, Paul and tea party join forces to assail Affordable Care Act

08/21/2012 05:31 PM

Kentucky’s two U.S. Senators blasted the Affordable Care Act on the steps of Kentucky’s Capitol on Tuesday and called for it to be replaced with reforms aimed more at the cost of health care.

About 350 tea party members attended the rally, which also attracted a small group of vocal supporters of the health reforms.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul, a Tea Party favorite, told the crowd that even though the Supreme Court upheld most of Obamacare earlier this summer, he still feels that it’s unconstitutional.

U.S. Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell received a warm reception — although not as enthusiastic as the reaction for Paul — from the tea party crowd. McConnell called Obamacare a form of “centralized government.”

“We can’t let this stand,” he said.

State Sen. Damon Thayer of Georgetown also addressed the crowd saying that the 10th Amendment is being trampled on by Obama. “We need the states to control our destiny when it comes to health care,” said Thayer.

And he also delivered perhaps the most political line of the day: “We need you to help send Barack Obama back to Chicago or Hawaii.” Someone from the audience shouted “Kenya.”

Thayer responded by saying, “I’m not going to say that but I appreciate your sentiments.”

One of those in attendance, Fred Riebee of Florence, voiced concerns about the loss of choice with the Affordable Health Care Act. He said it mandates what health insurance people buy. However, the measure doesn’t require what insurance Americans have just that people have coverage.

Riebee said, “You’re not going to have the freedom to select your own policies, your own insurance company. It’s going to be mandated by the government.”

Daniel Scherfey of Nicholasville, is the son of a physician. He’s concerned that with Obamacare, doctors may stand to lose income.

Other notable state speakers at the rally included Kentucky House Minority Leader Jeff Hoover and 6th District Republican Congressional candidate Andy Barr.


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