U.S. Sen. race ads chatter: McConnell uses current events to illustrate leadership while Grimes uses absence from meetings

09/05/2014 11:29 AM

In the most recent round of ads in the U.S. Senate race, Kentucky U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell says the current problems the country faces requires someone with experience and leadership while Democrat Alison Lundergan Grimes says the senator should be fired for missing committee meetings.

Showing clips of recent news reports about struggles across the world leading to big decisions having to be made by the United States, the McConnell ad—titled “Serious Times”—seeks to illustrate the role that McConnell’s leadership position and experience will play in situations like addressing the threat of ISIS in Iraq and Syria and the border crisis along with other issues.

“In Kentucky, we have a proven leader,” the announcer says in the ad. “When so many in Washington can’t do the job, shouldn’t Kentucky have a Senator who can?”

The Grimes campaign said the ad is misleading because recent headline show he is only working for himself.

“Mitch McConnell has only shown up to work at his Senate committee meetings 7 percent of the time. That’s not working for Kentucky. Following the Senator getting caught on a secret tape selling out Kentuckians to billionaires, profiting off of coal job loss and his campaign manager resigning under a cloud of a federal criminal investigation into a bribery scandal, one thing is clear: Mitch McConnell will go to any lengths to save his own job. Mitch McConnell has broken the public’s trust after 30 years in Washington,” Grimes campaign spokeswoman Charly Norton said in a statement.

Meanwhile, Grimes released an ad Friday morning focused on the McConnell’s absence from the Senate Agriculture Committee . The thirty-second spot uses a clip of McConnell from the Farm Bureau Candidate Forum where McConnell talks about being on the committees where he also responded to jabs from Grimes about missing the meetings by saying as a leader of one of the parties, you sometimes miss the meetings because of other obligations.

“He only showed up seven percent of the time. If you did that, you’d get fired. So should he,” the narrator says in the ad.

In response, the McConnell campaign said the Grimes ad is just another misleading attack.

“Alison Lundergan Grimes once again demonstrates her profound lack of knowledge of basically anything involving the office she’s asking Kentuckians to elect her to. Mitch McConnell appointed the conferees who negotiated the farm bill, secured the inclusion of the hemp provision for Kentucky, and assured the bill’s passage while Alison Grimes was trying to figure out how to get her dad to pay for her campaign bus,” McConnell campaign spokeswoman Allison Moore said in a statement.

Also on Friday morning, the McConnell campaign released another ad based on issues facing the country but this time sought to tie Grimes to President Barack Obama by saying she would be a vote for the same agenda.

The TV ad titled “After All That” starts by showing a picture of Grimes and Obama side by side with the text “In 2008, Alison Grimes supported Barack Obama.” The thirty second spot then goes on to use audio clips and on screen text about the decline in the coal industry, the national debt and health care reform under the Obama administration to say that if Grimes supported the president then, she will support him if she is elected.


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