Updates from Ben Chandler's election night HQ

11/06/2012 04:57 PM

10:30 Chandler talks 6th Congressional race post-concession speech.

9:25 That’ll do it from Chandler headquarters in downtown Lexington.
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We’ll have Chandler’s concession speech and comments from the Congressman soon

9:22 Ben Chandler has conceded to Andy Barr. Chandler said that the unpopularity of President Obama was too much to overcome. He called and wished Any Barr well. He said it was a pleasure to serve the district.

9:03 Still no sign of Ben Chandler in the hall.

8:53 State Auditor Adam Edelen, State Representative Susan Westrom and State Senator Kathy Stein addresses the crowd. Westrom thanks them for her victory.
They all say they were sorry that they couldn’t do more for Ben Chandler.

8:32 Big Cheer goes up as early returns from Ohio have Obama up 58% to 40%.

8:24 Other than Adam Edelen, no heavyweight Democrats are in attendance as
crowd tries to remain optomistic as returns come in showing Barr in the lead.

7:56 Cheers go up when Fayette County numbers show Chandler up
Quickly turns silent when district wide numbers show Barr up 11000 votes with 40%
of district precincts reporting.
7:48 A lot of supporters say they are worried but still hopeful for a Chandler victory.

7:46 Some worried faces in room as Barr up almost 6000 votes with 25 percent reporting.

6:40- Adam Edelen expresses surprise with Chandler’s Fayette County numbers.

6:23pm- Chandler up 51% to 46% in Fayette Co. with 39% of precincts reporting.

6:21pm- 50 supporters on hand waiting in anticipation of the returns.

6:08pm- Crowd beginning to filter in as the polls have closed in the eastern time zone.

6:03pm- State Auditor Adam Edelen has arrived.

5:55pm- Polls close in 5 minutes. Maybe 10 supporters already here.

Congressman Ben Chandler cast his ballot in Lexington this morning and said that his re-election race was too close to call, and that whatever decision the voters make he will respect.


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