Updates from Andy Barr's election night HQ

11/06/2012 05:45 PM

11:45pm – Andy Barr delivered a victory speech that called for Republicans and Democrats to unite after a hard fought campaign season. He spoke of moving forward and a peaceful easy transition into Chandler’s seat.

Barr’s victory speech is below:

Former Gov. Ernie Fletcher made a surprise appearance at Barr’s victory party. He said historically speaking with redistricting this was a “great victory.”

9:40pm- Andy Barr said he has talked to U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler. Barr asked Chandler for help making a smooth transition.

“This has been a tough hard fought race that’s difficult to lose, and I know,” Barr said. He asked supporters to wish Chandler and his family well.

9:26pm – Steve Robertson takes the stage telling on lookers Republicans will retain control of the state Senate and gain seats in the state House.

Ag Commish James Comer is now talking to the crowd and firing them up for Barr’s acceptance speech. “Andy Barr went into the small rural counties,” Comer said of Barr’s path to victory.

Barr is now taking the stage.

9:00pm – Andy Barr has been declared the winner in the 6th Dist. Congressional race by a margin of 51 percent to 47 percent. U.S. Rep. Ben Chandler has conceded the race to Barr.

The crowd in Lexington is electric waiting on Barr to take the stage and deliver his acceptance speech. I spoke with Former Gov. Ernie Fletcher who called the win historic for Barr in context of redistricting.

Fletcher said Barr would be a good addition to U.S. House of Representatives.

7:27pm – The crowd is up and cheering as Andy Barr has his first lead of the night. 51 percent to 47 percent with 18 percent of precincts reporting.

7:02 The crowd is standing up and clapping as NBC has called Kentucky for Republican Mitt Romney.

6:55pm – As the early results come in Andy Barr supporters say they’re cautiously optimistic.

A live band has been playing, but the crowd has been largely muted – and not yet reacting to the race results on TV.

6:42pm Over 100 supporters are crowding into Lexington Mariott’s Griffin Gate ballroom to root on Andy Barr and House GOP candidates.

Commissioner Jamie Comer says he thinks House candidates can pick up the needed 10 seats to take control of the lower chamber.

Barr is not yet in the ballroom, but other legislators are including: Rep. Bill Farmer, Stan Lee, and RPK President Steve Robertson.

After voting this morning in Lexington, Republican candidate Andy Barr said that the citizens of the 6th Congressional district deserve better than what they are getting and that the election is now in their hands.


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